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NGEmu Needs Some New News Posters

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This is not to knock on the current bunch of news posters it just seems like nobody wants to post news on a regular basis even when it is provided. I see atleast 7 news items that would normally be posted in which most are actual releases and one work in progress (iDeaS).

There's two news posts on the main page for PCSX2 translations which in my opinion wouldn't rank any higher for news importance as the news that is not being posted such as the No$gba 2.1 release, PSPE 0.6 release and many others.

Maybe the current guys don't have the time or don't want to post the news. Either way NGEmu needs some solid news posters that are at least willing to post on a regular basis to keep the site up to date.

Sorry for the mini rant, just my opinion. (which I know some people think I don't have a right to have one ;) )
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heh, well... news on NGEmu actually... are posted rarelly...
As for first, we have to have administrations permission, and than we can gather ppl ;)
Hmmm.. I am currently busying with my real life stuff. But then again, I heard the NGemu CMS was down for quite sometime, when I tried to do news posting. Anyway, things are going back to normal now, it seems.
I already done enough damage in the off topic forums
I’d be willing to help with the news, but I’m not always available (i.e. sometimes I have a lot of spare time at work, and can post freely, but sometimes I’ve too many things to do and no time do anything else).

Anyway, if Bobbi or the admins decide that they want a news poster, I can take up the one of the positions and see how it works out.
I tried to post some news lately but the CMS was down -_-;

NGemu seems to be more of a emulation forum than a emulation news site nowadays. I mean, how much news is there really? PS2, GBA... I haven't seen much else lately.
Since I daily visit I can post all DC related emu news here at the news forum, so others have the option of putting it on the mainpage. I already did that with emulators I use myself (like a new version of NesterDC and Visual Troy Advance) but if ppl are caring about other, older systems that are emulated, I can submit it as well.

There will be only a small problem perhaps: When someone has problems concerning such emulators, it will be hard to answer questions here at emuforums, cause AFAIK there aren't many ppl here with enough knowledge about them. But I might be wrong about that. (and we if we can't help here we can always refer to's forums :))

Edit: I already gave a hint towards the administration here once that some of the emulators in the DC section have had newer versions released. So an update could be useful.
xD and I thought this was about the weird news playerX has been posting recently ahahahaa, well the other day Hellmaster posted the iDeas update....well as Esturk they new are really few...
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