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All those links are broken with the upgrade of the new homepage.....we just provide access to the old homepage for archival purposes

a new download database will be built within the coming weeks

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Not ALL links are broken.

Namely, the links to the PPF, and emulators are broken, but the Cross emu plugin download pages do work.

Emulators can be gotten at Emulator-zone, or the emulators own homepage, and megagames has an archive of PPF-Patches. though i won't hotlink their site as it also carries content that are against ngemu's rules though are general grey area content.

Uh, the PPF page is backup, (just checked)

and the plugin section is now broken.


im gunna slap it a few times.

Alrighty then, i've worked out the issue partially.

Attempting to access the emulators description page is breaking the links to the download sections, looks to be a cookie related issue.

when you go to the psx section from the new homepage, the url is

Links to the PPF, and Plugins sections work at this point.

If you click the playstation or any of the emulator links, it throws on a trailing slash which breaks it.
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