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Ladieeeeeeeeeees and Gentlemen (*snort*). Well on our way to the NGEmu Awards 2010, which we promise will be more or less on time, the results of the Annual NGEmu Awards 2009 are in! Having greatly abused the option of casting multiple votes, this year's results have been closer than ever in most categories.

So grab a beer** (whisky for Squall), close the weekly religion debate thread* , and join us for the results.

[Awards 2009] Newcomers

Breaking with tradition, we begin with "newcomers of the year." As with every year, among those signing up for the cookies, questions answered, few but aplenty make a significant impact from their presence (short of those expulsed before leaving any impression), and there's those contributing to the liveliness of this place, worsening the addictive effect of this community over time, bringing it ever closer to have it classified as dangerously addictive as the denizen board 4chan *shudder*.

The top three has been formed as follows:

1. Eru... Irukapooka [37 votes]
2. nosound.97 [28 votes]
3. masta.g.86 [22 votes]

Not frightened by the abundance of testosterone, Irukapooka managed to come out as the clear winner of the newcomer of the year award 2009. It has been many solar eclipses since we had such an active female member, and since she already managed to survive a year through our Estrogen-starved community, I think she will be fine for the years to come. :p

[Awards 2009] Member of the year

Most of you should be thinking that this year the committee was lazy, that they didn't work at all and that the Awards 2009 look more like Awards 2010: spring edition or something. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We had planned this all from the beginning, in order to coincide with the academy awards. Really! And there's no award that is more in line with the Oscar's than the member of the year award. Our very own internet super stars. The winner of this category will have the privilege of becoming Ngemu's janitor and police the pcsx2 board for a whole day. Congrats guys!

  • Snickothemule [19 votes]
  • BigIg [15 votes]
    koko-goal [15 votes]
    Phil [15 votes]
  • PCXL-fan [14 votes]

Anyway, I'm glad to say that we got a very refreshing line-up in the awards this year. In 2nd place sharing cookies we got BigIg, koko-goal, Phil, with PCXL-fan preceded by only the breadth of a hair.
But none could stand up to Snickofthemule, of known wit and fluent verb. Anyway, congratulations people. You can enter the PCSX2 board with your heads high, scoffing at foolish emun00bs.

[Awards 2009] Most helpful member of the year

  • 1st: Hard Core Rikki [23 votes]
  • 2nd: Squall-Leonheart [16 votes]
  • 3rd: @ruantec [15 votes]
  • A bunch of other people
  • 11th: Proto [7 votes !!]

Most sign up as complete newbies for enlightenement, assistance and guidance in their journey across the lands of emus (or to ask for p0rn, but those rarely are seen after Day 2). Anyway, these people have been there to offer some light to those who want nothing more than to play those console exclusives on any system of preference. (unlike the rest of you who keep bullying and teasing the newbies. Yes, you know who you are, and we know where you live).

@ruantec & Squall were in for a close call, with the vocal representant of the aussie delegation just managing to become second with only one vote difference. Clear winner, and most helpful member of the year 2009, is Hard Core Rikki! (again? That's like, 3 times in a row now. Should we just give him a lifetime award and ban further running in this category for the next years? :p). His efforts for the community have not gone unnoticed, something not only reflected by this poll. Keep up the NGEmu spirit all, congratulations :thumb:

Addendum: Proto would also like to thank all his fans for helping him breaking his personal record of 4 votes. I love you people. Bot'ish love.

[Awards 2009] Reviewer of the year

  • 1st: snickothemule 23 votes
  • 2nd: Darksamus 8 votes
  • 3rd: emwearz 7 votes

We all love games, and we all hate trash, that much can be agreed on.

So how do we differentiate one from another? The game review section has been the best place for people to tell tale of their positive as well as negative experiences, for there is much to appreciate in both new games and retro ones from the past alike.
In times where the integrity of high profile reviewers is questioned, you may never know if quality of entertainment is there or not, with ratings safe from the nefast influences of wads o' cash, but power to the people! For peer reviewers rising from among fans can always be relied on for honesty and integrity in reporting. While without a doubt all reviews written by the top 3 are of high quality, snicko's managed to stand out the most. Perhaps the contenders for next year should sharpen their pencils for some witty screenshot captions? Congrats!

[Awards 2009] Staff of the year

  • 1st: Hard Core Rikki 34 votes
  • 2nd: Cid Highwind 23 votes
  • 3rd: Schumi_4EVA 19 votes

Aahh being a staff member, its a lot like pimping except you rarely have to use the phrase "upside you head". These cats spend their time making sure that stroll over the board is as safe from unsollicited Nike and organ enlargement spamads as possible for the rest of us, and with the bevvy of new staff for the year, Mr(s?) Rikki managed to captivate the hearts of you all with Cid "where's my beer" Highwind following closely on second place with Shumi finishing up 3rd with his efforts looking after the handheld section.

Interestingly enough, this year again, moderators have ousted administrators from the podium. Changing times maybe?

[Awards 2009] Post of the year

Next we will award those who made th3 post of the year. In past years this award has been awarded to people like Dark Watcher for his insightful comments about the nature of the community, or to witty, cynical and yet oh so full of passion remarks by Kaiser Sigma about opinions on the Dreamcast. Let's see what does this year has in store for us. Click on the spoilers to make win happen:

  • 1st: 18 votes
    Originally Posted by Sonic2036
    the PS3 needs to be a little more slimer??? the way I see it , its as big as a laptop lol
    i remember psp slime was more slimey
  • 2nd: 14 votes
    bobrocks95 said:
    I hate gay people but I'm not a homophobe. I think we should just dump them all in California where they belong.

    TheCloudOfSmoke said:
    Did you know that it's a proven fact that every hate joke can be made acceptable if you add a tounge smiley at the end of the statement? For example: "I hate all midgets and I wish that they all would go back to the North Pole where they originate from. :p" See, the example hate statement is now perfectly acceptable.
    bobrocks95 said:
    That's exactly why I used it. I didn't want Cowfez to take offense.
    cowfez said:
    I'm not a midget.
  • 3rd: 12 votes
    Originally Posted by Sonic2036
    its Called Phoenim not Pneumonia...
    and its Good based on what I heared but not as good as Dual Core 2 E8400... I haven't tested that my self.

    Any Computer can use any graphic card ... you just have to install the driver provided Shipping with the Graphic card you are buying (8500).

    I don't Recommend overlocking pherahps you should tell us your System Species. and Fix your grammar so people could understand you a lot better... at least a little bit and your spelling (I know mine is bad lol but I still can spell better than that , I am not american or from EUR).

    P.S: This should be in the

    Hardware Discussion -

    any ways , buy Geforce9800 or Geforce9500 better than geforce8500.

    I hope this helps :)

... *ahem* and it would seem we have a winner, no, a master.
Way to go Sonic3845! For despite having long since been banned, you managed to move the entire community to tears from laughter and snatched the 1st and 3rd places. Your insightful remarks and technical expertise will be remembered for years to come.
Acknowledging that none of them would be able to overcome Sonic7690's wit by themselves, the TCOS-bobrocks89-cowfez alliance came together and managed to get the 2nd place in this category. Apparently their combined efforts weren't enough for defeating Sonic5438, the one true champion for this year.
Thank you for playing, please try again next year.

[Awards 2009] Thread of the year

Oldtimers amongst us might remember something called "The off-topic topic", a thread for all sorts of everyday fun and chatter. The 2009 version of this thread has managed to become the most popular thread of the year. Originally started in 2007 the anime thread is still going strong and managed to come in second in this year's voting. The third place has been grabbed by Koko's movie thread. Happy posting all, and let's see if these threads will still be around for next year's awards!

[Awards 2009] Avatar of the year

  • 1st: snickothemule [14 votes]
  • 2nd: redlofredlof [13 votes]
  • 3rd: masta.g.86 [12 votes]

Soldiers, dancing and grumpy horses, oh my! The Avatar and sig thread had gone into overdrive for '09 (partly in thanks to some members switching faces every 40 minutes) but none the less there have been some doozies, with Snickothemule managing to come out on top with his Harry Connick Jr. angering blackface version of Robert Downey Jr, edging out the oversized dancing girls and........did that horse just look this way this instant...

Although it wouldn't be fair to have avatars without its inferior little cousin, the signature;

[Awards 2009] Signature of the year
  • 1st: redlofredlof 12 votes
  • 2nd: conquerall691 11 votes

    Jonc2006 11 votes

    strike105x 11 votes
  • 3rd: Bobrock 9 votes

folder girl displayed her talents with her superb lady signature, with conquerall691, jonc2006, strike105x narrowingly missing the opportunity to throw her off her perch. Bobrocks95 stood out from the field with his dynamically realistic dinosaur.

[Awards 2009] Desktop of the year

  • 1st: cooliscool 8 votes
  • 2nd: gamefreak 7 votes

    spyhop #3 7 votes
  • 3rd: cheesus 5 votes

    koko-goal 5 votes

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, Windows 7 introduced the supreme automatic background changing feature which can only mean more opportunity to load up your pc with fancy wallpaper. Cooliscool once again came out with style with his excellent taste, gamefreak followed with his scenic vistas and spyhop followed in third place with his very purdy.....what is that thing again? One thing is for sure, desktops are looking mighty fancy nowadays.

But now its time to have a look at the projects that justify keeping the 'emu' status in this website's url (please, no jokes about emu oil or alpacas).

[Awards 2009] Emulation Project of the year

  • 1st: Dolphin 22 votes
  • 2nd: PCSX2 20 votes
  • 3rd: JPCSP 10 votes

Oooh, close one this year, despite its rampaging success the Wii emulator Dolphin managed to only pip the PCSX2 boys by a mere 2 votes, signaling the huge continued popularity of these two emulation juggernauts, however following 3rd in style is the up and coming JPCSP, the quiet little PSP emulator that is charming the hearts of many. Tremendous job this year lads. Jolly good.

[Awards 2009] Forum section of the year

  • 1st: Recycle Bin 10 votes
  • 2nd: Open Discussion 9 votes
  • 3rd: Game/Console discussion 7 votes

The bin managed to come out from under its discarded casadilla to stink its way to first place, completely dominating the spam free open discussion by a nose scrunshingly 1 vote. Another victory for sensless banter, another loss for rationality and civilised religion debates.

[Awards 2009] Coders of the year

  • 1st: @ruantec 23 votes
  • 2nd: Blueshogun96 19 votes
  • 3rd: Cottonvibes 15 votes

Normally I would start this category with jokes about how these people don't have any social or sexual life whatsoever, but @ruantek is a self-called ex-pimp so I guess I will have to pass on that. Anyway, on third place we got our dear friend cottonvibes, whose love for low level programing should have awarded him the first place. Better luck next time my friend. Next we have blueshogun, of whom we still remember more because of the debates we used to have in the religion threads, but it seems that he has somehow redeemed himself through his contributions to the Xbox emulation community. Great job m8. And finally, we have a person that despite committee member Proto best efforts managed to get 1st place. Yes, this is a sad day, for a .NET advocate and Windows user has managed to get the 1st place on the Ngemu 2009 Coder of the year award. Let's mourn together, my brothers.

*insert 1 minutes of silence here*

Next we have some talented individuals who's talented work have made our crayon stick figures look as really immature as they really are. Fadingz has once again taken the reign of this category, although with newcomers and skills constantly improving, this year saw some great art pieces. Keep up the good work guys, this award's turning a bit silly with Fadingz winning every year. I'm sure even the guy himself is getting bored, so hit those crayons and tablets, and show us some art and impress !

[Awards 2009] Artwork award
  • 1st: Fadingz 15 votes

    Clean and Simple


  • 2nd: strike105x 11 votes

    Tales of the Abyss


  • 3rd: Dinjerr 7 votes

    (comic strip, check link)

And off for some final notes...

Well there we have it folks, congratulations to all, and we here at ngemu are looking forward to another great year of contributions, win and epicness from the rest of you.

See you next time, for 2010's edition of the "never-on-time-awards".

Sincerely yours,

The NGemu Awards 2009 committee.

* = (this message was sponsored by the admins)
** = (and this one by Heineken, the drink of the emulation generation)

Tushy :3
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Congrats to everyone who has won and placed this year! :D

Yay I feel all special to get an award during my first year of this place! Thank you everyone! :x3:

Site Owner
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Same feat as me :p

God, Im such a baby, im getting teary eyed :cry: Im so proud of you Brittney! *sniff*

Hackin 'n Slashin
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Congrats to all the winners and runners up :)

PC game modder
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Thanx to all that voted me number 2 in the reviews award

Maybe if I had of done more then 2 reviews I would have scored even higher? :p

Hackin 'n Slashin
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You were definitely lacking in quantity compared to snicko.

PC game modder
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Maybe I should do a review every time he does one this year just to see what happens when we have done the exact same amount?
I prob won't do it though as it takes me ages to write an award winning review:p

Expect only a few more this year with an obvious one to be SSF4.
I think it would be a crime to not follow up my SF4 review with it;)

Hackin 'n Slashin
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Indeed it would.

Crazy GFX coder
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Proto was just being fun @ruantec, he's got nothing major against you and it was far from an attack, it was meant to add a little humour to the category, you a friendly little rivalry, a little bit of teasing.
Thank you mate for bringing light to me again :thumb: i knew that i misunderstood his post somehow but i thought i better clear it up... anyways i´ll leave this post as i feel that many points i mentioned here needed to be cleared... anyways congratulations to blueshogun and cottonvibes and all the Winners as they deserve it and also to the commitee for the great job... even if it took long this time :p

Last but not least Sorry Proto for misunderstanding you :D

Hackin 'n Slashin
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Proto was just being fun @ruantec, he's got nothing major against you and it was far from an attack, it was meant to add a little humour to the category, you a friendly little rivalry, a little bit of teasing.

Hackin 'n Slashin
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Dunno, ask the nominators...
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