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NGEmu Awards 2009: Category List

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Greetings denizens from NGEmu. This is Proto, your local bot and member of the NGEmu awards committee 2009. As it is custom, we the committee members have already started preparations in advance for this year event. We hope that you will find it enjoyable.

In this thread, we will present you with the categories we have agreed on for this year.

Member-specific ones
- member of the year (with crew excluded ideally, to avoid overlap in possible results).
- newcomer of the year
- staff members of the year.
-reviewer of the year (user made ones, not hotlink champs)
-Fanboy/Nutjob of the year

Forum-specific ones:
- posts of the year
- threads of the year
- section of the year

Creativity-specific ones:
- sig
- avatar
- artist/artwork of year
-ghetto artist of the year (to tie in with current competition, and so that a clear winner may be announced and can recieve their prize)

Emulation/coding specific ones:
- coder of the year
- project of the year

If you have any further suggestions about a special category you'd like to see for this year, please by let us know. Just a reminder, as in previous years, bin related awards will be voted and discussed on a separate event.

So anyway, we look forward to any serious comment or suggestion you can make to us in this respect.

Proto out.
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Damn right. I didn't put in many gruelling hours of trolling all year not to be recognized.
I think Squall did a more grander job at it :p
You forgot sonicfan ...when he entered the bin with his dupe account
Troll of the year?

Demi Fiend > awesome troll :lol: He annoyed Skore, RAP and Spyhop.
Debater of the year?
Actually, I think this would be a very nice idea. Often it's part of the member of the year in terms of criteria, but I think it would make a nice addition. Some years ago I remember we had the "Gentleman of the year" to fill up this gap. Seeing how member of the year is usually about popularity, wit and entertainment, there's also people who bring light to this place in terms of offering good arguments in debates and helping out others whenever there's questions about emulators, hardware or software. It'd become some sort of Guru of the year :)
Asswhipe of the year
Troll of the year.
Hacker of the year.

oh wait its not the bin awards .-.
Helper of the year. :D
Damn right. I didn't put in many gruelling hours of trolling all year not to be recognized.
I can't wait for the 5 november 2010.
Fool of the year.
Come back of the year?
Not a bad idea actually. Just don't know any nominees for those.

Forum death of the year?

Out of the many posts, this one attract my attention. I believe it is possible for anyone to participate.
21 - 40 of 69 Posts
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