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All good things come to an end. After a bit of a delay, rather than announce the beginning of the 2009 awards, the results of the 2008 ones will be proclaimed instead (well, confirmed).
I'd like to thank every and each one off the participants of this year, voter, organizer and nominees alike. Without any further introduction, let's get on with the announcements, with an advance cue of applauses for those to be featured this year:


Something akin to the oscar of the year if you ask me. Survey indicates Hard Core Rikki tops the chart again, being a favorite among favorites (again?), and repeating the feat of being NGemu's member of the year for the second consecutive year! Go on like this and you may be able to surpass Kane's number of medals :)

Followed by jonc2006 (barely tasting defeat over the breadth of a hair, but resolute to winning next year), also making a return to the podium, and Squall-Leonhart barely behind the forerunners. Let's give an applause to the people who have actively made an effort to make of NGemu a better place at the cost of completely screwing up their social lives and sleep patterns. *applauses here*

16- Hard core Rikki
13- Squall-Leonhart
12- shadovv
12- TheCloudOfSmoke
10- Cottonvibes


Newbs, the people who lighten up our day by reminding us of our own old times when we were new and made fun of ourselves. In recognition for their normally thankless labor of making day of the rest of the member base, we want to recognize their efforts by offering them this award and the promise that in 3-4 years time other people will come and we will make fun of them instead.

edit: eep. The rest of the committee tells me that newbs could feel bullied. So let's redo that, since todays newbs could turn into next years' gurus:

Newcomers, the very reason for the continuous existence of any forum. New faces, the refreshing morning dew, the new wind that blows over any community to give it a new life, and to ensure the continuation of our boards mission. Just as we have done in our time, we entrust our boards' ideals to you. May these outlive you like they outlived those that preceded us in the memberlist.

26- Phil
18- snickothemule
14- V1ncent
13- redlofredlof
13- gamefreak94


A support community of any kind is built up upon the efforts of two groups. Those that ask, and those that assist (and occasionally self-inflict facepalms onto selves, among others). Even though the askers tend to be more amusing and entertaining than the asked, the later deserve some merit and recognition. So there they are, this year's most helpful members, ranked by popular vote.

23- Squall-Leonhart
21- Hard core Rikki
13- cottonvibes
9 - Miretank
9 - PCXL-fan
9 - @ruantec


Yikes! The company lawyers tell us that we will be downsizing and cutting some jobs position here at Emuforums. Moderation will be replaced by a spam control bot whose personality has been programmed to emulate that of yours truly.
So as my own bot representative I promise to rid NGemu of all the evil that plagues it, included but not limited to, the bin, the binners, the boards that are directly above and below the bin, merge it with the pcsx2 forum and toss it into an alternate, 4chan like board.

Fortunately, due to a shortage of robots, such an scenario is not bound to happen at least in the next 24 hours, and we have real people who work hard, sweat over their keyboards and stomach all of our whining, all for the sake of maintaining a community as good and incredibly awesome as ours. So here they are, the people who stand at the top in the staff of the year award.
Which reminds, this might be the first time moderators have ousted administrators from all top3 spots.

24- jonc2006
19- Hard Core Rikki
14- Kirby
12- Shadow Lady
11- Prafull
10- _E_
10- General Plot
8 - Chrono Archangel
7 - Refraction


As gamers always on the look worthy novelty to entertain ourselves with, sadly, not everything out there is worth our hard-earned candy pennies. Thankfully those exist who bit the bullet first and share their testing experiences. Their reviews and recommendations honor them with the Game Reviewer of the Year award.

Thanks guys for preventing us from making those dud purchases and helping us pick out the golden games among all the shovelware that abounds. We look forward to your guidance against next year.

16- snickothemule
11- emwearz

6 - BigIg


* Once upon a time yours truly (may have) considered taking art for granted and desired to tackle. 5 min later, realization forced itself that kidding oneself just doesn't work in the long run, blame will be put on leftie-ness.

And since the cheesy line has been out, here we are! Due recognition to those who can draw better than me and occasionally many others. In first place, fadingz, never ceasing to amaze with stunning progress and prolifism. Followed by ViperXtreme and TheCloudOfSmoke, let's give a round of applauses to these talented people.

25- Fadingz Link
17- ViperXtreme

8 - TheCloudOfSmoke

* For the avatar category, bobrocks is to congratulate for getting first place. With next, boom la yada, boom la yada, none less but Thanakil, swiftly followed by our 100% genuine, limited edition Shadow Lady.

14- bobrocks95 Link
13- Thanakil

10- Shadow Lady

* In recognition to the people that unlike truly yours actually keep their desktop nice and tidy, and actually go an extra mile to make it look slightly great, here we are, the Desktop of the Year awards. For all of us with no sense of originality to steal their ideas and use them ourselves :evil:

*ehem*, anyway, here they are. Apparently (shamelessly?) taking first place every year, our good friend Miretank, closely followed by Fadingz and cheesus in third. Let's give a round of applauses to these gentlemen whose desktop environments have pleased.

14- Miretank / MT Link
9 - Cheesus

* It is with an obligatory fond memory for the days when 90% of the members population had only computer specs in their sig.
While in a sense it was interesting how much bragging rights power these have, it is better for my aesthetic sense (and for whatever is left from my ego) the way it is now, with anime sigs a pleasingly increasing norm. Yay for originality!

19- V1ncent Link
13- emwearz
13- Fadingz
12- Kaizen


And well, you cannot really dissociate the Emuforums from emulators, the emulators we all once used before getting trapped in the General Discussion area (before the fabled tentacle Bin monster snatched many among us into its gloomy underground cavern).
With each and every of the projects covered here worthy of everyone's appreciation, here are those recognized by the community as the most interest-generating this year:

39- Dolphin
27- pcsx2-playground
16- pcsx2

15- @ES
11- jcpsp


Despite the best efforts of the local "United Against The Bin" coalition, "Union of all what is Open Discussion" and related resistance groups we couldn't snatch victory from the Bin, and tasted defeated instead for the second time. For this we deeply apologize to you, and promise to return stronger next year.

On a happier note, second places is not bad spot for Open Discussion after all, which we all love and prefer to the Bin (right? right?). On an unprecedented note, an emulation board managed to get the preference next to the general discussion sections. How could that happen? Oh, since its (again) the pcsx2 section, it makes sense now. The people there must not know we have an Open Discussion section or something.

25- The Bin
19- Open Discussion
13- pcsx2

13- Dolphin
8 - Hardware Discussion


Aand here we are nearing the end of the awards announcement, and now we arrive to the threads of the year. It's nice to see that despite the changing memberbase, classic threads such as the member photo ones are still strong and steady. It is really a look into the past thread when one takes the time to see into the history pages of this thread, and it is only a peek into the present when one checks the newest updates.

It is also obvious to me that times never change in terms of bullying the n00bs, for here were are, with a thread reminiscent of cloudsbro's " I want my ngemu registration money back", let's now laugh together with S.T.A.R.S and the topics that we have grown to love so much.

And once again, the Anime thread returns, still as strong as before, never to be forgotten. *Insert some otaku styled giggles here*

15- People of NGemu post your photos of yourselves!!
10- UAC Internet Explorer version 1.0 first look...

8 - Anime
7 - Know of anyone who as a child took adhd meds for over 3 years? How have they grownup?
7 - support has arrived
7 - emulation is NOT piracy


And thus ended (...) 2008, a year of great updates and advances in emulation, and has started 2009, with great promises.

So, till next time, next year, take care.
Keep gaming, and the emulation flame burning.

- The award committee 2008

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my thanks to everyone who voted for my awesomeness and congrats to everyone else here.

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Finally. Proto, i thought you had gotten married and had forgot about the awards altogether :p

Congratulations to everyone that won :p

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Finally. Proto, i thought you had gotten married and had forgot about the awards altogether
I'm being worked to death IRL myself, the fact that I'm still alive is a miracle. That and don't attribute me all the credit for the awards, as I'm not the whole committee, the awards are a joint effort between admins and normal members. I just happened to be the most vocal one in past years but I had less participation this time around. :)

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for some reason I completely missed it, even the voting.... I know I was away a lot.. but...
sorry about that, and congrats to the winners anyway :)

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I'm being worked to death myself, the fact that I'm still alive is a miracle. That and don't attribute me all the credit for the awards, as I'm not the whole committee, the awards are a joint effort between admins and normal members. I just happened to be the most vocal one in past years but I had less participation this time around. :)
Youre a slave now? If you want us to bust you out of the compound, just give us the word.

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Congrats to all the winners and all the other members of notable mention :)

Also thanks to Proto, HCR and the rest of the people involved for another year of great awards managing.

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Now I just need some silver stars....ooopps i mean red :D

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Excellent round of awards this year. Well deserved by all the winners... Congrats guys!

Also, very well written/presented Proto. Comical, in a good way ^^.


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I just have to say wow over my position in the member category. :thumb:
(And last year I wasn't even considered for new-comer of the year:p)

But anyway, congrats to HCR, Phil, Jonc, Squall, Snick, Fadingz, Bob, Mire and last but not least, Vinc1nt! You are all guys that bring me here each and every day!:thumb:

P.S Please do not see this as an attack at the award committee but one funny thing I noticed is if you take staff out of the member category I think I equal TCoS for 1st!
If that is indeed the case I claim joint member of the year in my brain but in doing so still give hcr/ Jonc/Squall all deserved respect in the process!

Also if it is not that hard a request could the awards op have the pics for the avatar/sig/art/desktop/link to review for the winners or maybe even runner-up as well just so we can

A. Always remember what it was that won them the award
B. Newcomers will have more reason to understand what a past member is well known for
C. People like "Samor" will know what people where nominated for!

Thanx to the awards committee for putting on another fine awards this year:thumb:

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Why is there no "The most hardcore Diablo fanboy" award?

Anyway, congratulations to the winners. Hopefully, next year someone will remember to put the above mentioned award.
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