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The wind passes by, and the season changes; with them, another year at NGemu and another forum awards event end. As every year, in the name of the NGemu awards committee, I would like to thank every member of our community, newcomers and old timers alike.
Anyways, without any further foreshadowing, let's get onto the results announcement.

Let's start off with one of the awards that saw the most participation and competition. On the Emu innovation category, we had some very interesting results; to be truthful, it'd seem that close winners were the more commonplace event in this award.

1. NO$GBA (40 votes)
2. GSDX (39 votes)
3. PCSX2 (20 votes)

With 40 votes, NO$GBA has won the first place with only slightly ahead of the runner up, Gabest's GSdx graphic plugin for PCSX2. These emulation projects have come a long way, hence it was only fair to reward one of the longest ongoing emulation projects like this. Let's also give the PCSX2 a round of applauses for catching everyone offguard with its newly acquired netplay gaming capability (introduced since version 0.9.4).

Continuing with a related category, we find the Coder of the year 2007.

1. Gabest (67 votes)
2. Refraction (20 votes)
2'. Martin (20 votes)

Every guy here deserves our appreciation for all the effort they put into his work... nevertheless, it'd look that 2nd place was not sufficiently contenting for Gabest in the previous category, and by such, manages to grab 1st place by a landslide in this category, with no less than 60 votes. A fair mark of appreciation, as a result of all the effort he had put into coding and making emulation fans happy... right?
Equally commendable are Refraction and martin who tied in the second place with 20 votes.

An emulation community is not only composed of the emulators and the people who program it, but also about the people who use it; more importantly, the community that supports and helps those who have problems in the forum. The very raison d'être for Emuforums.
Ok, that was just a cover out. In reality this is the category where the the chiest of our members duke it out in a Free for all :p

Most helpful members:

1. Refraction (33 votes)
2. Hard Core Rikki (22 votes)
3. RPGWizard (14 votes)

This year, Refraction won by a landslide, for helping people more than frequently, with a total (refracted) 33 votes. Tailing him we find Hard Core Rikki with 22 votes, followed by RPGWizard with 14 votes. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you for the valuable assistance you've provided everyone with during this year.

Let's continue with something more board related, and what could be more board related than the Board of the Year 2007!! (...ok I know that was lame, will try again next year :p).

1. PCSX2 section (45 votes)
2. The dreadful Bin (27 votes)
3. No$gba section (15 votes)

Once again, the PCSX2 section grabbed 1st place by a landslide with 45 votes, which soundly defeating the Bin. Let's also congratulate the No$GBA section for winning 3rd place. Unusually, Open Discussion failed to get featured in the top 3 sections this year.

Let's go on with the Art category. As announced previously, this award is divided into 4 subcategories, with one winner for each subcategory.

* Desktop of the year:
Having a nice and tidy desktop is more often than not a tiresome task and requires some artistic taste. Moreover, the winner this year is a proud Linux user, so I'd like to dedicate this award to all the Linux usability naysayers. Let's give a round of applauses to Luzi.

* Avatar of the year:
A very contended category. Ranging from Miretank's hilarious dancing cat (I would have sworn he was running instead) to hushypushy's... whatever it represents. However, victory in this fierce contest went to TheCloudofSmoke, winning the avatar award for the second consecutive year. Way to go, TheCloudOfSmoke, we are looking forward to what you have in store for us in 2008.

* Artist of the year:
As noticeable in the gallery and artwork thread, all contenders for this year had a lot of talent and potential (/me compares Killjoy's and Miretank's entries). Nonetheless, due recognition is to be given, and as such let's give a round of applauses to Fadingz, who short of nothing, amazed more than many with his stunning art.

* Signature of the year:
The entries this year were... nothing short of interesting (dancing stick figures???) and the grand winner is "the return of a 2002 joke modified for modern times". I dunno what Freud would have to say about this but nevertheless let's congratulate emwearz.

And now to Thread of the year 2007:

1. CKemu idiot (34 votes)
2. Anime (12 votes)
2. Most extreme thing you've ever done (12 votes)

As anime lovers' efforts (not excluding my own:p) to transform this community into an otaku lair weren't as successful as they hoped , the "CKemu idiot" thread managed to 'entertain' a sufficient number of people and grab first spot, with a fair (and somewhat unexpected) advantage of 34 votes, following by the "Anime" thread and the "Most extreme thing you've ever done" thread.

Continuing with its newly added sister award: 'Crazy threads of the year'
(reserved to the dreadful Bin)

1. The perpetual boobs thread (17 votes)
2. Random Thoughts thread (8 votes)
3. Last one to post (7 votes)

An award category where the bin could get recognition in for, uh, for whatever reason it is allowed to exist for. In a not so surprising turn of events, the "boobs threads" shamelessly groped first place. "Random thoughts thread was full of, hum, interesting if not unusual reading material. The "last one to post" thread won 3rd place thanks to the "extremely high quality content" anyone could expect to find there.

Post of the year:

1. PCXL-fan (30 votes)
2. Karigato (13 votes)
3. Kirby (9 votes)

It'd seem this one also had a pretty clear winner, so let's congratulate PCXL-fan and his 'The Sims 2' trauma for obtaining the first place. Following we find Karigato and his, uh, unusual rant (or was it actually a resume? a campaign?), and as an entertaining Bin attendee (and occasional forum ringmaster), forum overlord Kirby (whose post link which I haven't dared to click, to this day, if ever I would)

Now for the Hall of Infamy... I mean 2007's Staff award. The official bullies of the place, full with licenses to kick/ban :evil:

1. Refraction (29 votes)
2. Miretank (9 votes)
3. Chrono Archangel (8 votes)
3'. General Plot (8 votes )

It would seem the evil overlord with the most followers would be Refraction, followed by my good friend (and occasional Vista user) Miretank, with Chrono Archangel and General Plot tying in 3rd place. Congratulations, and thank you for your invaluable clemence in the forum.

Nearing the end of the announcement we find the New member of the year 2007. The members who will make up the next generation of our community...our future (it looks quite bleak but, oh well :laugh:)

1. SCHUMI-4-EVA (29 votes)
2. PCXL-Fan (24 votes)
3. Thanakil (9 votes)

Anime appreciator SCHUMI-4-EVA managed to snatch first place this year, swiftly followed by one of the bin denizens who somehow managed to mole into this category(not!, he actually deserved it, so let's congratulate him as well), PCXL-fan. Despite being a late joiner, Thanakil made a lasting impression for his first year/months at Emuforums, and in all justice, grabs 3rd spot of the podium for this year. Congratulations to this years' winners.

And finally, one of the most contested categories this year saw. A category that was full us passion. A category that made us sweat. A category that made me think that some people made temp accounts in order to triple vote. Member of the year!!

1. Hard Core Rikki (31 votes)
2. The Cloud of Smoke (30 votes)
3. jonc2006 (12 votes)

Ahemm... Hard Core Rikki, with 31 votes managed to get the first place, winning by the breadth of a hair over TheCloudofSmoke with 30 votes, in an unusual suspense-filled tie that lasted till the last voting day, with the master of all what is the bin, jonc2006, following and coming in 3rd place. Congratulations to everyone.

And so, the NGEmu awards, a tradition we have kept up in this forum since the 2002, have come to and end in its 2007 version.

Year after year, this event would not have been possible without the support of every member in the community who helped us make this event a success in its 2007 edition.
It has been a pleasure for the award committee to have brought this event to you, and we hope we will be able to hold it again as successfully if not more, in the 2008 edition.
Until then, thank you everyone. As a final note in this announcement:
keep gaming, keep posting

Sincerely yours,

Hard Core Rikki
and yours truly, Proto

NGemu Awards 2007 committee

Hackin 'n Slashin
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Nice Speech Proto :)

Congrats to all my fellow winners and all the nominees aswell. There are lots of members on this forum so even a simple nomination sets you apart from the rest.

Thanks to anyone that voted for me :)

I thouroughly enjoyed these awards and look forward to particpating in 2008 again (even if that means only voting for others). It was great fun to see the polls build up over the days.

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Thank you so much for the support to everyone who participated in the event!~
Also, thank you to those who voted for me ^^
In addition, big applause to all the nominees
Lastly, congratulation to all the winners^^

The Hunter
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First of all, thank you comittee for a job well done, great categories and no incidents, apart from Proto not being put in the Member of the Year list ;)

Congrats to all winners!

Heroes Might& Magic Champ
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Thanks NGemu Awards Commitee and Site Staff and everyone who voted for me and congratulations to all nominees and winners.:)

I although I've only been here 3 months I think I've figured out a winning strategy for the Awards.

I'm not sure who voted for my but I'm guessing if you wanna score big you should give all the new member advice or help. Its just like the Oscars though as you see directors release their best movies a just a month or 2 before the event, because peoples memories are short and what they remember most vividly is the last 2-4 months. So NGEmu members should be on their most upstanding and helpful for the last few months.

So one winning strategy is to just be a jerk/or do nothing for the first 7 months of the year and be an extremely helpful member on the forum for the next 3-5. :p j/k

Thanks again everyone

Menthol Flavored
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So one winning strategy is to just be a jerk/or do nothing for the first 7 months of the year and be an extremely helpful member on the forum for the next 3-5. :p j/k

Thanks again everyone

That was my tactic. Now I can relax and stop putting effort into my posts now. Seems like no one remembers the good stuff when you do it early. This time I'm going to save up my good stuff until the end of the year. Expect me to start trying again around October of this year. :p

God of Douchebagness™
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this is an outrage. i officially declare shenanigans.

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Congratulations.... it is still a bit fishy with HcR being on the board and winning... every time TACOS got a vote he'd get a new one :lol: Nah I am kidding you deserved to win this year HcR... even if you refused to answer my question in the ask HcR a question thread!

Swag Slayer
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congratulations pals. TOCS & Joncy, maybe you2 didn't do enough for the masturbation ritual to be Member of The Year..... mwahaha just DlCKKING, umm I mean KIDDING
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