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Welcome to the nomination thread of NGEmu's awards, 2005. This year, the admins and mods decided that the awards, since they are an event for the members, they should be managed by the members. As such, we would like to thank the staff team for giving us, the 2005 awards committe, this opportunity to organize this year's event.

Members of NGEmu, we hope that you find this event most enjoyable, and well, let the fun start

This year's categories will be as follow

Thread of the Year
Gentleman of the Year
Signature of the Year
Avatar of the Year
Reporter of the Year
Member of the Year
Nutter of the Year
Fanboy of the Year
Forum of the Year
Post of the Year
IRC'er of the year

Just some clarifications. For this nomination thread we are considering people's artistic work as a whole for the signature and avatar awards. Latter on the voting the nominees will be competing with a single work.

A) "Thread of the year" would be for the threads that are unique or can't be forgotten either for their good quality or extraordinary hillarious content.

B) "Gentleman of the year" is a category that will award those members who through the year have demonstrated to be most educated, tolerating, and in general someone nice to talk with (Notice that this one includes both Admins/mods and normal members.)

C) "Signature of the year" as always cares for the best signature in terms of artistic touch, originality or unusual content.

D) "Avatar of the Year" is the same as above, but this time it's about avatars ^_^

E) For "Reporter of the year" you are allowed to nominate newsposters, news contributors and in general anyone who posts news all together.

F) "Member of the year" and as every year this is the most hot award. Vote for your favourite members. This one is hard since many deserve it really. To make it easy, vote for the one who you think have added alot to the place.

G) Then we have "Nutter of the year", which is self explainatory . Vote for the member full of surprises, good of sense of humour and goes around wearing his clown suit .

H) "Fanboy of the year" is where you choose that member who can't just stop talking about X game or Y movie or even Z stuff. This one is kinda hard too, since most of us here have his fanboysim part.

I) Then we have "Forum of the year", which is a new category for this year. It's not about which forum you post more in, it's about which one you really enjoy posting in.

J) Continuing with the new categories, we have post of the year. This title is pretty staight forward. Nominate (with a link ) those posts that you think are worthy enough of being remembered by all.

K) And now we have a category that has been due a long time. Doing honor to our #ngemu channel, this award is for those that still have more time to lose.. err... spend after visiting the forums, and even do so with passion and quality (or something like that...)

sincerely yours,

the Ngemu Awards 2005 committee

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Forum of the year : Game discussions ^_^
Nutter of the year : Nevermore :evil:
Gentleman of the year : Kazuya Mishima
Reporter of the year : Katsuya for his regular Gaming news
Fanboy of the year : :p hushy for his lesb*an kissing fanboyism
IRC'er of the year : hmm. momomo, I mean he is even way more online on the IRC channel more than the forums ^^"

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Thread of the year :
Reasons: Brings back a lot of memories and shows what sort of relationship people have with these forums. Also getting so many replies/views in short time.

Gentleman of the year :Refraction
Reasons: Always there to reply not only on pcsx2 questions but also other categories. I have rarely seen him lose patience even though he had to bear with all the noobs and for working so hard on pcsx2.

Reporter of the year :Bobbi
Reasons: Still posting most of the news on the main page. He has been bit busy but still showing all the interest in the news department.

IRCer of the year :Generalplot
Reasons: Always online, always posting and getting his mods on.

Nutter of the year :Kirby
Reasons: He won the award last year and he is still as nuts as he was then. :D

Fanboy of the year : Ckemu for pcsx2 & Samor for Cars.
Reasons: Obvious. ;)

Forum of the year : 3 obvious choices will be Game discussion, Open Discussion & PCSX2 official forums.

I am not so sure about other category nominations ,either didnt find any suitable candidates for them or didnt had a clue about them.

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Please, don't hesitate to tell us any doubt you may have with what the categories refer to :)

PS: Ok, as in previous years, you are not allowed to nominate yourself. Threads created by yourself are ok (as long as there is a logical basis underneath...) ^_^

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Thread of the Year - the same one as prafull already nominated
Gentleman of the Year - katsuya
Reporter of the Year - player-x (assuming reporting isn't limited to emu news)
Fanboy of the Year - cid, the Dreamcast fanboy ;)
Forum of the Year - game discussion

Others I don't know (yet)...

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Well I've been quite inactive this year as well...but anyway:

Thread of the year:
I stated my reason in that thread :p

Gentleman of the Year: Gentleman on NGemu ?! oO

Signature of the Year:
Avatar of the Year: I am a bad can't recall any that stroke me. :heh:

Reporter of the Year: Katsuya comes to mind, reports in quite a formal manner :p

Member of the Year: Hmm, my vote goes to Samor. Donno for sure though, not been very active but I kinda like his style.

Nutter of the Year: Man, I am having an utmost difficulty in recalling a decent nutter......wait, there is no such thing as decent well....:eyemove:

Fanboy of the Year: Well, though inactive but I think no one beats Hanamichi in his GT addiction. Even his PS2 only runs GT3 and GT4 oO

Forum of the Year: Games discussion has always been my favourite so my vote goes to it.

Erh, looks like I didn contribute much :p

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Reporter of the Year: Katsuya, he has posted a lot of news last year and I hope he will do the same next year, keep up the good work :thumb:

Member of the Year: Hushypushy, he is doing a lot of work in the PSX section, helping out a lot of ppl who have questions. Other than that he has been very active overall and has been a great mod, with nice signatures :p

Nutter of the Year: Caipirinha and Omegainf deserve to share this one for their kissing guys signature. I know it was a ludicrous reaction towards Hushy's sig but to me it also stands for something more important: Freedom :)

Fanboy of the Year: sonicjam, for being THE resident xbox fanboy :p proof

Forum of the Year: Game Discussion

I might nomite ppl for the other categories later :)

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After searching/reading some hundred posts finally managed to pickup 3 people who can fit the bill for "member of the year" .These are hushypushy (reasons mentioned by cid) ,SyedFawad (back to his usual activity in later part of the year) & Samor. I think this one is going to be really tough this year.

Will have to read few thousand posts now to find nominations for "post of the year".

Also trying to find few more gentlemen. ;)

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member of the year: refraction
reporter: borisz (hey, he did translate everything Saturn related :p) & katsuya
fanboy: well.. i kinda forgot his nick.. the guy that really likes macs (crazy fool :D)
Gentleman: syed fawad (when we talked about the qouran he didn't act like a total fanatic, unlike some people).

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Thread of the Year: FFVI vs. FFVII vs. CT. It just missed the cutoff for the last awards, but I think it deseverves some recognition for proving that the majority of Sqaure fanboys prefer FFVII. :p Plus it's one the better "fun" threads we've had in the past year that wasn't based on content from another site or something. The only other one I can think of is the one that was closed for 2+ pages discussing the plan. :D

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Just a little clarification. The NGEmu staff (admin/mods) deeply appreciates your recognition when you want to nominate them for the member of the year award. However, since they already got their own category, we are refraining to include them on the member of the year category, so that we give the other members more opportunity. :)

@cloudvii: Members can only be nominated for one vouyer... fanboyism interest for the fanboy of the year award. Since he was already nominated for his cars' addiction, it will remain like that unless there are more members that think like you :)

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Signature of the Year: Hushy
Girls kissing need I say more?

member of the year: Kazuya Mishima
Because of his bed sheet and being overall cool.

reporter: Player-X ( if it's all kinds of reporting ) Katsuya otherwise.

Fanboy of the Year: Kaiser ... leaving NGemu for MMO ? wow he's a fan for sure. Also because of the way he defended everquest 2 when I was dizzing it.

Gentleman of the Year: That's Proto
Reason: For always keeping a gentlemanish tone, and being polite even then the post before was insulting.

Thread of the Year: Asian babes.

Nutter of the Year: D.D. for his engrish.

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proto, my new goal in life is to teach you how to spell "category". every single thread you incorrectly post it, i will badger you.

take a deep breath, look at the word.."category"...just say to yourself, "there is no H..there is no H..."

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whoops... sorry, I guess it's already way too engraved within my memory... I'd like to apologize for all the future mispellings I will make before I get it right :D
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