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Yet another year draws to a close. Which means it's now time for the ngemu 2004 poll results :D. .... and not a recount in sight this time ;)

Member of the Year 2004
  1. Kaiser Sigma (27)
  2. cloudvii / Boltzmann (15)
  3. Cid Highwind (10)

Kaiser Sigma again proves he's the the most popular pessimist on the forum, not only having kept his title from 2003, but increasing his lead by over 33%.

As if by devine intervention, Boltzmann not only holds onto second place, but with exactly the same no of votes as in 2003! He ties with Cloud, who's improvements in communication skills sees his introdution to the top 3. Finally, everyone's favorite rocketeer, Cid Highwind gets 3rd place.

Newest Member of the Year 2004
  1. Stifmeist (33)
  2. Popuri (16)
  3. klatch (10)

This topic was introduced this year to help give the new guys a fair chance at the whip. The requirement being that they must have registrered within the last 12 months. Stifmeist came first with a clear lead of 33, followed by the current resident gothic alpha female, popuri. Klatch, who wrote the forums dutch rules, gains third place.

Admin of the Year 2004
  1. Elly (24)
  2. Betamax (14)
  3. Samor (10)

Elly moves up one place to the top spot this year, proving that the okatu spirit is still strong on the forum ;). Third is taken by Samor... Mary will be proud :D.

As for second,.... well... what can I say but thanks. :)

Moderator of the Year 2004
  1. I-Chan (15)
  2. bositman (13)
  3. hushypushy (12)

A new topic this year since we recently expanded our ranks. This was a very close contest, with only 3 votes separating the top 3. In the end though, it was I-Chan's advice in the epsxe forums which won through, with bositman and hushy coming 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Contributor of the Year 2004
  1. * Lady (32)
  2. Prafull (16)
  3. Shiori (7)

This topic was introduced this year to recognise the previous staff members. The clear winner was * Lady, having got with at least double the votes of anyone else. It seems that the constant name changes has not hampered her sucess ;). Second place was taken by the Prafull, his second award of the month, having also been crowned the All -India Tennis champion. Shiori gets a respectful 3rd.

Avatar of the Year 2004
  1. Samor (24)
  2. Flare85 (14)
  3. Kirby (11)

Samor doubles his votes from last year to take first place in this category, with flare's man-boobs bouncing into 2nd :p. Everyone's favorite fluffy pink hentai balloon man comes in as a close third.

Signature of the Year 2004
  1. Razor Blade (54)
  2. Chrono Archangel (11)
  3. Flare85 (7)

Razor blade takes it again this year with a commanding lead of 54 votes. Flare's man-boob sig proves to be almost as popular as his avatar, however chrono's gothic girl beats him into second, causing Flare's sig to droop down into 3rd.

Nutter of the Year 2004
  1. Kirby (32)
  2. Kaiser Sigma (20)
  3. Proto / Boltzmann (8)

This years king of nutjobs is kirby. His devotion to the hentai arts seals his fate. Kaiser's all round craziness bags him second, whereas Boltzman again takes third this year, having tied with his fellow collegue and equally mad scientist proto.

NewsPoster of the Year 2004
  1. Kirby (38)
  2. Bobbi/Elly (10)

This thread was a controversal as the previous year, this time because it only had 3 options! Kirby proved to be the clear leader, focing Bobbi from the last years number 1 spot. Elly held his own too, having tied with Bobbi.

NewsSubmitter of the Year 2004
  1. Chrono Archangel (24)
  2. Katsuya (16)
  3. * Lady (13)

As a newposter is only as good as the news he is supplied with, it was though that this year we should honour those to help provide us with the stories for the frontpage. Crono's insight into the scene gave him the top spot of this topic, with fellow mod Katsuya taking 2nd. * Lady's experience in this field gave her a respectful 3rd place.

Thread of the Year 2004
  1. Babes (19)
  2. Ph33r the flying lawnmower (14)
  3. What Girls or Guys Do you Still Love? (13)

Not much change from last year in this topic. As I said last year, we are all still a bunch of hopeless romatics (AKA pervs :D), illustrated by the fact that the babe thread holds onto it's first place position. Yelo's girls/guy love thread is again preset too, although it has now dropped into 3rd due to the ascent of the flying lawnmower :p. Can it make make a comeback in the following year?

Project of the Year 2004
  1. Chankast (80)
  2. PCSX2 (39)
  3. Dolwin/Gcube (6)

Pcsx2 manages to increase it's votes this year from 36 to 39, however this proved to be not enough fto allow it to retain it's no.1 spot. The new DC emu Chankcast takes that crown with a whopping 80 votes, pushing Pcsx2 into 2nd. Dolwin/Gcube comes in at 3rd.

Thus ends 2004, a rather quiet year for emulation. The scene has seen the current gen mature and the next gen projects start to take shape. A lot of promise holds out for 2005!

Till next time, this is Beta, Signing off.

Happy new year!

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lol neat little award system... to bad there arnt prizes.

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/me looks at kirby's post and smells trouble.

Thanks for the ones who voted for me though and happy new year. :)


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eeepp....Bobbi is gonna have to add his own appears that I can't edit his profile (for odvious reasons I guess ^^ )

*Kaiser is gonna kill me once he sees what I put under his name* :p

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/Raises toast on this year's ending :beer:

Thanx for the votes, I never expected to get nominated in the first place, at least now I know what I post is being appreciated by some ;)

My compliments for Beta and Kirby for this year's awards :thumb:

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Well Kirby is the news poster of this year..I think the reson is GBA news ;), there have been alot of gba news this year...If there wheren't something Called GBA, then Kirby wouldn't bee a news poster at all :p


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Congrats guys :D

edit: and gals :p

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Congrats everyone ;)

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wow, sweet i got a mod award under my avatar...sweet! good to be serving ngemu, maybe next year i'll do a good enough job to get first place! :joke: in any case, back to work on ePSXe forums...i didnt earn this award for nothing ;)

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Great Awards this year! It's wicked that we have actual awards too :p Just wanna take a moment to thank everyone wo voted and everyone who participated and was nominated. :)
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