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What do you think will happen ? Yes that's another story :p . This time placed in RL forums not the NGEmu imaginary town ;) .

Scene 1
Fawad : Noooooo , the rock will stop wrestling :cry:
Cooliscool : Come on , get over it . He was already losing all his matches since 5 years .
Fawad : But he is still my hero :wub:
moomoomoomoo : Oh shutup oldies . The rock is ***** , Hail for Cow mask .
moomoomoo : Stop insulting others or there is no lunch for you today :mad:
moomoomoomoo : Oh , ok dad :( (j*rk)
Fawad : Boys these day :rolleyes:

Scene 2
Puriyama 1 : Guys help , there is no food in here , Puriyamas 20 to 25 ate all :(
Puriyama 48 : They are stupid and greedy :cry:
Toriyama : No children , stop fighting on the forums .
Puriyama 12 : Maaaaaaaaamy , he broke my NGEmu arcade score :cry:
Popuri : Who dear ?
Puriyama 12 : I don't know for sure , all my brothers are hillariously identical . And after we switched numbers with each others , I'm not even sure I'm no. 12 :D
Puriyama 34 : Party time .
Puriyama 21 : Shaddup noob .
Toriyama : Stop it now :angry:
Popuri : Tori , I want divorce .

Scene 3
Kaiser Sigma : Lord of darkness , yes give me more noobs :evil: cough cough cough .
Generation X Noob : Grr , I'm not a noob .
Kaiser Sigma : Really ? Something tells me you are not . Your newbie posts :evil: :evil: :evil: cough cough cough
Samor : You are losing your touch Sigma .
Kaiser : Good news for you I see . But don't worry I can bash others as much as I used to in the past , Lamor .
Samor : Whatever Sito :p .

Scene 4
Katsuya : Square-Enix-Capcom-Konami has decided to merge with Hudson . The authorities there anounced that finally they are going to settle down after many merges . In another note , they anounced some new titles aswell : "Final Fantasy XXXXXXIV" for Sony's PS6 , and they hinted the arrival of another CG movie for theaters "Final Fantasy VII Advent Grand Children" .
Samor : Won't they just die :rolleyes: .

Scene 5
cloudvii : This doesn't make sense at all . KOF2025 characters profiles states that Kyo is still 20 years old !!! Stupid SNK staff :angry:
CloudVIII : Kyo sux . Iori's the man .
cloudvii : Tsss , then tell me why I beat your Iori with my Kyo every time .
CloudVIII : Hey don't tell them here about it that's embarresing :( . Or I'll tell them you were beaten by Tiger-1 again :rolleyes:
cloudvii : Who me ? :laugh: . Son be friendly .
CloudVIII : Uncle Tiger-1 came to our house yesterday and kicked my father's @ss in all fighting games :lol: . See , embarresing right :p ?
cloudvii : Come here you son of *****
CloudVIII : Mommy , Daddy is calling you a ***** ^_^


Sorry , I suddenly lost interest , power to go on . something happened . Continue it if u want ,

blah whatever ,

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Samor said:
I think these forums will be quite dead by then ;)
or filled with I WANT XBOX 8 ROMZ PLZ KTHNX people

Scene 6:

Nevermore joins up the fun just to feel important but leaves afterwards. :smash:

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l33t will be an oficial lenguage :p

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ok hypothetically speaking,,

Dark Watcher: hehe..guess we are no longer the only old farts here anymore.
Spawn of Watcher: Indeed great fathers..BTW how is Sony VirtualStation 3 emulation progress going?
Dark Watcher: Not sure..ever since Xeven opened Batard Enterprises he doesn't seem interested anymore. Maybe his kid will...We will ask Keith's youngest son to find out..We hear he is starting a Cyberwebsite like his father used to do with Internet.
Spawn of Watcher: OK..BTW..We were looking at your Webpage archives..We can't believe how you old timers used to watch the games instead of being in them...boring!
Dark Watcher: Hmm..NGEmu hasn't changed much ever since Bobbi replicated his brain and installed it into the NeuralCyberServer...At least it's post prediction program can ban n0obs before they even leave a message...It has made the admin jobs easier ;)

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mikeshoup said:
So will engrish
yay for me!! :D
I'll probably be Playing UT2k25 and complaining about how Half-Life 3 still isn't released
Duke nukem forever is still on delopement Process. :rolleyes:

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None of you moved the topic of todays "unemulated". Just think about the latest shots of some Atomiswave game (althought by that time this surlrey would be rather forgoten) or liquix (sp?) still realising new dat files...

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N1ghtw0lf said:
I'll probably be Playing UT2k25 and complaining about how Half-Life 3 still isn't released ;)
Half-Life 3 > UT2K25

State of the art computers will be dirt cheap and we will all be happy because we can all afford the latest and greatest hardware!

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This could've had a poll:
Will the Saturn be emulated >95% ? :p

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I dont know why but I think emulation will be a couple years behind in 20 years from now. Console technologies will be completly different from PCs that emulation will be extremely hard. I do hope NGEmu makes it 20 more years! Dunno if ill be aorund though :p

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If they're still be using Processors, ASM will be a BIG requirement. Interpreting the signals that the game sends out to the motherboard would be extremely difficult to solve. But like they say, there's more than one way to get to Rome, so perhaps there is a different way.

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20 years from now the Singularity will have happened, and there'll be no need for emulators on the Other Side. (Superintelligences won't need emulators, that's for sure ;) ).

So, I guess Samor is right. Ngemu will be long dead by then ;)
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