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[NGC] Resident Evil Code Veronica X

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Hi there dear Emulation Community,

I got several GC games along with a broken GC(yay, how great...) from a friend some time ago. Now, after playing RE2 again, I wanted to check the RE games for GC. Rebirth and Zero are working very well on SVN 2745(except for the sound, but I'm happy with the current emulation stage^^). Code Veronica however doesn't work for a reason. Whatever I get is a black screen, no sound.
I tried different settings, but I couldn't get it to run. From screenshots however, I know that the game should at least go ingame, could someone please help me on this?

Btw, RE: CV seems to be the only game which isn't running, strange...
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too bad that I don't have my DC along with it's version of RE:CV...
Damn, and I was sure it was working on Dolphin^^. Oh well, therefor my other games work, so I probably shouldn't complain.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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