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Here is the plugin setting info :

[NextGL] MMX/SIMD v1.4

--[Graphics settings]--
Screen Width: 800
Screen Height: 600
Color depth: 16
Full screen? (Yes)
Use Brightness? (Yes)
Fast MDECs? (No)
Show FPS? (No)
Draw scanlines? (No)
- Brightness level: 1

--[Texture cache settings]--
Debug output? (No)
Debug output extended? (No)
Sprite cache debug output? (No)
Use texture caching? (Yes)
- Use sprite caching? (Yes)
- Limit Sprites? (No)
- Flush at limit? (No)
- Use primitive caching? (Yes)
- Enable notification? (Yes)
- Full page updates? (Yes)
- Enable memory manager? (Yes)
- Low notification freq? (No)
- Flush at limit? (Yes)
- Cache exit mode: Destroy

--[Frame limiting]--
Use frame limiting? (Yes)
- Frame limit: 60 fps

--[Emulation options]--
DMA chain fix? (No)

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OOOOOOOOOO...I can remember the Dreamcast. :) But wait till you play Ready to Rumble 2 on Dreamcast. It slows down so much Youll sell it for $50 with all da games, just like me. :)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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