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Today, <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Nikk</a> released a new OpenGL version of his plugin series. This version, 1.6, adds several very cool features like motion bluring and post bilinear filtering. Here's the complete changelog :<ul><li>A flush of OpenGL's buffers occur before the true color texture cache is dumped. This might fix some rendering errors some people might experience.
<li>Fixed memory overflow problem in DMA chain. Not only does this fix crashing, but it also has fixed several display issues. Accurately emulates the real PSX's GPU DMA processing a bit more now than it did before :)
<li>Fixed semi transparency problems
<li>Added all types of free dimension rectangle primitives
<li>Added all types of 1x1 rectangle primitives
<li>Added all types of 1x1 sprites (they don't actually draw anything)
<li>Added all types of 8x8 rectangle primitives
<li>Added all types of 16x16 rectangle primitives
<li>Updated the palettized sprites so that they don't disappear when a 16-bit texture page is encountered :)
<li>If you haven't noticed by now, the MMX version of the plugin has been discontinued. Mainly because of the fact that I wasn't actually using MMX very often, so it didn't make sense to make the distribution package larger or potentially confuse someone as to which version of the plugin to use :)
<li>Removed performance bottleneck in the new texture creation code. Truecolor modes are running faster now, as are palettized modes!
<li>Fixed a small screen resizing bug. This also fixes some weird "double drawing" effects that were occuring because of bad drawing areas.
<li>Fixed some really weird VScreen problems that were causing some really weird problems.
<li>Command buffer overflow fixed. Some external application may attempt to put more data into the command buffer than the real PSX could support.
<li>Accounted for other types of flat lines
<li>Accounted for other types of G-Shaded lines
<li>Added some more fixes so that polylines are handled correctly
<li>Fixed the VScreen dimension finding code
<li>Added double scanlines
<li>Added better detection for when the display has been modified
<li>Changed VScreen texture dimension detection to be more efficient with memory.
<li>Added the screen filter "post bilinear filtering." You may experience some minor rapid color flickering or screen "melts." It looks cool though :)
<li>Added fast and slow motion blur! (Slow meaning leaves lots of trails, not slow as in poor performance.)
<li>Slow motion blur might be the preferred motion blur :)
<li>One more thing, please don't complain about screen distortion when using motion bluring. I'm definitely trying to fix this to the best of my ability! :)
<li>Updated the "dump plugin info" to include screen filtration modes
<li>Updated the "dump plugin info" to include the texture page types for the sprite and primitive caches. </ul>Holy shit, what a list :) Looks like Nikk has been busy (aside from posting on our message board) with his plugin. You can get the plugin either directly from <a href="/psx/plugins/win32/gpu/">here</a> or from our updated <a href="/psx/plugins.php?page=gpu">PSX GPU plugins page</a>. For some more screenshots, infos and discussion, point your browser to <a href="/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7611" TARGET="_blank">this thread</a>.
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