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:( :( :( :( I'm so sad! :( :( :( :(

I can't get your plugin to work with my Geforce 2 MX400...

Here are the plugin settings:
[NextGL] v1.6

--[Graphics settings]--
Screen Width: 800
Screen Height: 600
Color depth: 16
Full screen? (Yes)
Use Brightness? (Yes)
Show FPS? (Yes)
Draw scanlines? (No)
- Brightness level: 4

--[Texture cache settings]--
Debug output? (No)
Debug output extended? (No)
Sprite cache debug output? (No)
Use texture caching? (Yes)
- Use sprite caching? (Yes)
- Limit Sprites? (Yes)
- Flush at limit? (No)
- Texture page depth: Palettized
- Use primitive caching? (Yes)
- Enable notification? (Yes)
- Full page updates? (Yes)
- Enable memory manager? (Yes)
- Flush at limit? (Yes)
- Texture page depth: Palettized

--[Frame limiting]--
Use frame limiting? (No)

--[Emulation options]--
DMA chain fix? (No)
--[Screen filtration]--
Use screen filtration? (No)

There's A LOT of flickering and garbage on every single game I try :( Also, the fps is always at 16fps while I get 60 with pete's ogl :(

Is there any way to solve these issues? I'd like to take some screenshots to show you the problem but I don't know which key is used for taking screenshots. I've tried F8 but nothing happened... Please help me 'cos I really want to try your plugin's new features ;)

2,599 Posts
Well, I was able to eliminate the flickering problem with kairi00's help but the glitches are still there (tried every single plugin config) and the framerates are still low :(

I've tested it with FFIX (low speed/glitches), R4 (Ridge Racer 4) same as FFIX and Mortal Kombat Trilogy same as before and mdecs are not showing....

And yes, I had the same problems with the previous versions :(
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