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NextGL v1.5

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This is a very interesting release. I've added new texture formats and have included support for full palleted textures! This will most accurately emulate PSX graphics at a decent speed. Also, using full paletted textures only consumes a maximum of around 2MB of memory! You should, of course, expriment with different settings to see which work best for your system :)
New texture page information:

Memory usage guide - Page depth memory usage, etc. -

32-bit -> Uses about 256KB of memory per page. Considered to be truecolor. (Consumes a lot of memory.)

16-bit -> Uses about 128KB of memory per page. Considered to be truecolor. (Use this instead of 32-bit pages if you don't want to use palettized texutres.)

Palettized -> Uses about 65KB of memory per page. Not true color, therefore it's not affected by the following:
1.) Memory management
2.) Sprite limiting (if the sprite's page depth is palettized.)
3.) Memory dumps

Changes in this version:

- Fixed a possible rectangle transparency problem
- Improved the speed of MDECs by using a technique that I used recently in Next3D :) (A more advanced version of this will appear in later versions of my plugins.)
- Fixed mixing alpha testing and blending together. Should work now for the new blending modes
- Added the 1B - 1F (fake) blending mode
- Added the 0.5B + 0.5F blending mode
- Added the 1B - 1F (real) blending mode (thanks to Pete)
- Added the 1B + 0.25F blending mode
- Added 16-bit color mode as a valid primitive cache page depth
- Added 8-bit (true color) as a valid primitive cache page depth
- Added detection for paletted textures
- Added the paletted texture cache
- Both texture caches are now using version numbers. A bit more interesting that way I think :)
- Added paletted textures as a valid page depth
- All palletized modes now have dynamic CLUT modification. (Still doesn't work with some specific situations.)
- Fixed the FPS counter. It can now handle up to 4 digits and doesn't leave any sort of misleading numbers behind :)
- Added hardware brightness (like in Next3D) for much more accurate polygon and sprite brightness.
- The debug output now reports memory in sizes of KB and MB instead of just MB.
- Fixed a display/init bug that prevented some MDECs from displaying properly. FINALLY FIXED! :)
- Added the "MDEC only" scanlines option requested by Metal Murphy. It's looking good :)


Screen shots

Enjoy! :)
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Pic of the "only screen writes" scanline mode :)
So the scanlines worked out well afterall hey?! :)

Glad to see that i've help some one in here... Stay cool :cool:
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