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Seems <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Nikk</a> is really busy with his two GPU plugins at the moment: He just submitted on our <a href="/forums/index.php">forum</a> that he released a new version of his NextGL plugin, getting this one up to version 1.5 now ! And lots of cool stuff has been added - but see for yourself :<ul><li>Fixed a possible rectangle transparency problem
<li>Improved the speed of MDECs by using a technique that I used recently in Next3D (A more advanced version of this will appear in later versions of my plugins.)
<li>Fixed mixing alpha testing and blending together. Should work now for the new blending modes
<li>Added the 1B - 1F (fake) blending mode
<li>Added the 0.5B + 0.5F blending mode
<li>Added the 1B - 1F (real) blending mode (thanks to Pete)
<li>Added the 1B + 0.25F blending mode
<li>Added 16-bit color mode as a valid primitive cache page depth
<li>Added 8-bit (true color) as a valid primitive cache page depth
<li>Added detection for paletted textures
<li>Added the paletted texture cache
<li>Both texture caches are now using version numbers. A bit more interesting that way I think
<li>Added paletted textures as a valid page depth
<li>All palletized modes now have dynamic CLUT modification. (Still doesn't work with some specific situations.)
<li>Fixed the FPS counter. It can now handle up to 4 digits and doesn't leave any sort of misleading numbers behind
<li>Added hardware brightness (like in Next3D) for much more accurate polygon and sprite brightness.
<li>The debug output now reports memory in sizes of KB and MB instead of just MB.
<li>Fixed a display/init bug that prevented some MDECs from displaying properly. FINALLY FIXED!
<li>Added the "MDEC only" scanlines option requested by Metal Murphy. It's looking good </ul>This plugin certainly belongs to the better ones out there with this release now - but make yourself a picture from the new <a href="" TARGET="_blank">screenshots</a> Nikk posted - or, even better, try it yourself after downloading it from <a href="/psx/plugins/win32/gpu/">here</a> or from our <a href="/psx/plugins.php?page=gpu">PSEmu Pro plugins page</a>. You can get more infos and news about this version from <a href="">Nikk's plugins page</a>, hosted right here @ NGEmu !
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