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Looks like <a href="">Nickk's</a> been pretty busy lately, this time its his D3D plugin that's been updated. He says its almost at the same level as his OpenGL plugin just lacking a few things like Palettized textures.

Anyway, Here are the changes:
<ul><li>Thanks to Snake785, I've fixed some really annoying configuration problems. Next3D's configuration should now work with ePSXeCutor, PCSX, etc. A bad get window call and out of order configuration loading was at the root of this problem.
<li>Added the DMA chain overflow fix as in NextGL v1.6
<li>Added the semi transparency fix as in NextGL v1.6
<li>Added all types of free dimension rectangle primitives
<li>Added all types of 1x1 rectangle primitives
<li>Added all types of 1x1 sprites (they don't actually draw anything)
<li>Added all types of 8x8 rectangle primitives
<li>Added all types of 16x16 rectangle primitives
<li>Now using the DX8.1 SDK
<li>Fixed GPU status command 0 (reset) as in NextGL v1.6
<li>Applied a small fix to the resolution change routine as in NextGL v1.6
<li>Now accounting for different types of flat and G-Shaded lines as in NextGL v1.6
<li>Applied the polyline fix found in NextGL v1.6
<li>Added the command buffer overflow fix as in NextGL v1.6
<li>Hardware vertex processing is now only available if your video card supports hardware T&L vertex clipping. This should fix some clipping problems on video cards such as the GeForce 2 MX.
<li>Added VScreen dimension finding code from NextGL v1.6
<li>Taking screenshots is not yet supported, so the feature does not work yet.
<li>Added the (slow) "only screen writes" scanline mode. I didn't remove it because at this point it would take more work than I want to put into it
<li>Added double scanlines
<li>Added a "use ZBuffer" option. For older video cards that don't display textures properly, if not using the ZBuffer (the default) gives you this problem, turn this option on and see what happens. (Tell me if it works or not, please It only uses a 16-bit ZBuffer by default.
<li>Moved over large portions of code from NextGL v1.6 bringing the basic texture caching structure up to date! This includes the new palettized texture cache code!
<li>Phew! Finally fixed all of thoes stupid bugs :p Sorry, I don't have time to add the rest of the palettized texture code. I'll do that first thing next version!
<li>Added auto adjusting color depth in windowed mode.
<li>Added detection to see if a video card can render in a window or not.
<li>Updated the "dump plugin info" to include the new texture types.
* You can now select between these texture types: Autodetect, 16bpp, or 32bpp
<li>Added texture page display info to the debug window. If you're having a texture related problem, please send all 3 numbers with your problem report (in the same order that they're presented.)
Wow, what a list. If you want to download it you can get it right <a href="">here</a> or get it off the <a href="" target="new">GPU plugin page.</a>
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