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well, I am I am wondering is this plugin compatible with FF9?
when I use this plugin on FF9 the game run really fast but a lot of graphic glitches.

My configuartion:
[Next3D] v1.1

--[Graphics settings]--
Screen Width: 640
Screen Height: 480
Color depth: 16
Full screen? (Yes)
Use Brightness? (Yes)
Show FPS? (No)
Use scanlines? (No)
Use VSync? (No)
60Hz refresh? (Yes)

--[Texture cache settings]--
Debug output? (No)
Debug output extended? (No)
Sprite cache debug output? (No)
Use texture caching? (Yes)
- Use sprite caching? (Yes)
- Limit Sprites? (Yes)
- Flush at limit? (No)
- Use primitive cache? (Yes)
- Texture page depth: 16-bit
- Use primitive caching? (Yes)
- Enable notification? (Yes)
- Texture page depth: 16-bit

--[Emulation options]--
DMA chain fix? (No)

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NickK posted in his NextGL 1.6 thread: "It's probably a problem with the games. Maybe I'll get a copy of FF9 soon, I've always wanted to play that." The odds are pretty good it's going to be screwed up, since he doesn't have it yet.
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