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Next site :)

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Well linuz has been wanting a new and more functional site for ages, and who am I to argue. Falcon4ever is doing all the coding behind it, and I am the Photoshop monkey for this endevour, the below shots are just mear WIP, but should give you an idea on what the future will be very shortly.

Think most of us are on decent connections, so these are high quality jpgs :evil:




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Guide will be available for download and is forum stickies, which I have pointed them to, if they won't look at stickies, they won't bother with the guide, it's nearly useless to point out ever indervidual guide / page / faq.

Added you to list, and made some other tweaks.
Since Bobbi and dxn seems to be MIA...

I've uploaded the new (wip!) site to:

test frontend:

test backend:
Okay, Site is dead [ ], haha that should of give them a good scare (just read under ' dead!' to see the hidden msg).

This has been done for various reasons:

FTP cleanup time (689MB of sh1t)
Low server load (it was dragging earlier)
n00b education time (take alook at belmont)

The real site is hidden:
(look, drool, watch the bugs spawn as it's worked on :p )
(backend you will all use, and DON'T FU©K1NG TOUCH!!! )
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lol Gotta love the quotes on the main page ATM ;).

I'll remove the forum redirect now then. :)

*edit* done
Don't :p
there is a direct forum link on the mainpage.

Don't worry, they'll all still work ;). I meant the link on the forum frontpage.
Ah, if that's the case then everything is alright I suppose :)

hmm de compatibility list looks amazing now ;)
and the most important: site speed has been improved now too :p
thought id bump this seen as generalplot buried it :p
refraction said:
thought id bump this seen as generalplot buried it :p
At least it can't be said that I'm laz0ring. :p
CKemu said:
The real site is hidden:
(backend you will all use...)
If i try to register, i'm sent to the login page.
Tried both Firefox and IE
Yeah, we have restricted login, due to some 'unwanted' visitors. I shall register you and send you the login details.
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