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Next site :)

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Well linuz has been wanting a new and more functional site for ages, and who am I to argue. Falcon4ever is doing all the coding behind it, and I am the Photoshop monkey for this endevour, the below shots are just mear WIP, but should give you an idea on what the future will be very shortly.

Think most of us are on decent connections, so these are high quality jpgs :evil:




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So far, it's looking very good CK! :D
I like it, but i kinda hate the fact that grey color prevails, i would like more blue tones, and a differently coloured pcsx2 logo.
Maybe color profiles would be nice?
omg, I want to sex0r that site :O What'll rollovers look like for the cubes though?
Wow... it's looking very good CK... :thumb:

/me wishes he knew how to do such cool crystal/transparency effects in photoshop...
Ok, thats a really good site CK!!

I'm falling in love i think :p :p

good job :)
As I told you earlier.
That looks awesome. Woooooooowwwww.
Looks like we forgot to link to the video codec :emb:
I re-compressed it with 7-zip
Can s.o. update the website please
Well the site is going into 'draft html' now, made minor tweaks to spacing, layout etc, just got a shot of it in a browser etc,.

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s***, Ck's gonna turn it in to a Babes & warez site :lol:

Highly WIP and test HTML draft of the site can be found here, will be updated randomly, so check back, comments, thoughts welcomed, just don't expect me do read em' :evil: :p (j/k)
lookin good ;) (and so's the desktop :p )

A quick suggestion if I may:

would it be possible to move the forum access rules from vb and onto that new site? It'll look a lot cleaner.
Thats a darn good idea, I'll get to that tomorrow, cheers :D :p Glad you like the design sofar, falc has already gotten the 'news' side of the site coded up, and working nicely :D

Edit: rules added:

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I got a bit of a sneak peak at this before, but seeing all of it: OMG!!! That is hot.:D
Just working on the screenshots dummy pages whilst falc laz0rs...err works ;)

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Thanks for the idea, and glad you like. Okay, well the very basics of the site have been roughed out now, and all the 'sections' are there. Falc has practically wrapped up the 'news' section in php, and is working on 'compat'. Site needs refining, checking, cleaning, more improvements...oh the list is long, but this has been pretty enjoyable thus far :p :D :evil:...please, feedback welcomed, oh and 'excuse' the 'about' was written in a short amount of time, not grammer / spell checked, and at 1am, so god knows if it even makes sense :p
This might be a idea. after this in the forums rules.

"Do NOT complain if a game runs slowly, PS2 emulation requires huge amounts of CPU power. Most likely your machine is to weak, or you haven't configured PCSX2 correctly. "

add a comment about the guide and a link.

o yeah Im not on the beta testing list :p
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