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SSF 0.07 prototyp R13 released!

SSF is one of the main emus in the Saturn emulation scene right now. This new release is once again without much info since its all japanese. If you can translate what's new, please do so :)

SSF Homepage

HyperDS Screenshot WIP update!

The homepage of HyperDS features some new shots of the emulator in action. We also notice that the comment regarding the leaked version has been removed.

HyperDS Homepage + Shots

iDeaS new WIP shot

A new shot has also been added to this new DS emulator. Check it out.

iDeaS Homepage

Whinecube Release 6 just around the corner

Masken has now informed us on Emutalk that Release 6 is near. It is currently in a betatesting phase. If you think you can help, you can always catch Masken at #whinecube on EFNet. New screenshots are available on the Whinecube Screenshots page.
Whinecube Homepage
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