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Sorry for the infrequent posting of news lately....I was gonna catch up this past weekend, but we ended up having that 2 feet blizzard and I spent the weekend digging out :p Anyways, 4 news stories to report:

Saturnin WIP Update
  • I messed a bit with the RAM cart setup, allowing more games to boot !
    Unfortunately only Metal Slug is "playable" (ie 20 fps without backgrounds, you don't wanna know with it enabled :p), the others just die or crash before getting ingame ...<

    » Screenshots can be found at the Saturnin <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">homepage</A>
Dolwin Patch Pack 0.10.1
  • This pack includes patches that will make games go further in Dolwin 0.10.
    Some games like 1080 Avalanches, Mario Kart Double Dash, Zelda: Wind Waker are now bootable. Also included is an updated games.ini and .map files to make memcards work with MK: DD.


    » Download Dolwin 0.10.1 Update Pack <A HREF="">here</A>
Gebea Release 9
  • CPU: Fixed some dataproc instructions writing to r15
  • CPU: Fixed LSR#32 and ASR#32
  • CPU: Fixed r15 for dataproc instructions with register-specified shift
  • CPU: Fixed flags for long multiplies
  • CPU: Fixed the carry flag for logical operations with zero-amount immediate shifts
  • CPU: SWI now also works in ARM mode
  • GPU: Added support for text BGs larger than 256x256
  • GPU: Added correct mapping of OBJ data for both 1D and 2D mode
  • GPU: Added OBJ rotation and scaling
  • GPU: Fixed scrolling for 16x16 color BGs
  • GPU: OBJs are now rendered in reverse order (OAM entry 0 is drawn last)

    » Download Gebea Release 9 <A HREF="">here</A>
IPU Playback in PCSX2
  • Ipu working now. Some games can now play videos. Enjoy shots ;)

    » Shots can be found on the PCSX2 <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">homepage</A>
    » Alot more IPU shots can be found in CKemu's <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">thread</A>

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Ton-O-News! Great stuff, especially Dolwin news.

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I'm curious, Kirby, why don't you have any information on the Cassini emulator?
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