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Once again another multi-news post coming up.....2 weeks of salvaging what news we had, we get downpoured by 5 news stories in a 3 day span. I am pushing for at least some more newsposters, so stay tuned for more details ;)
  • More Yabause 0.8 WIP screenshots

    More shots from the 0.8 version have been posted in the screenshot page of this Saturn emulator. Take a look.

    » Yabause <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Screenshots</A>

    HyperDS update...

    DarkFader has leaked a two week old copy of my emulator. Any plans for a public release in the near future have been cancelled.

    It looks like more than one version of my emulator has been leaked. In any case, they do not support commercial games and most of the homebrew demos either do not run or experience graphical problems. Please do *NOT* e-mail me with questions regarding these leaked versions. I would hereby also like to ask emulation sites not to link to, or host, any version of HyperDS.

    » HyperDS <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Homepage</A>

    Rice Video 6.1.0c Released

    EDIT #1 (6.1.0b): Rebuild to version 6.1.0b to disable the vertex shader option.
    EDIT #2 (6.1.0c): Rebuild with a minor fixes for the DirectX depth problem with some games, and to further disable frame buffer features for opengl

    » Download Rice Video 6.1.0c <A HREF="">here</A>

    VBA needs your help!

    VBA needs your help. Without more people helping VBA, it will no longer be updated. If you can compile the code and have a passion for finding bugs, please say so in the ngemu VBA forum. We are couting on you to help VBA stay alive.

    VBA team

    » VisualBoy Advance <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Homepage</A>
    » VBA <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Forum</A>

    Satourne is alive! v2.0 Alpha

    Even though Satourne's activity has been low for a while, this hasn't stopped Fabien Autrel to work intensively on his Saturn emulator... mostly on wiping out major bugs and working on the new interface which is much easier to use :

    Satourne now support multiple languages; all you need to do is add your translation of the interface in a text file and thats it. The new language will be automatically detected and added to the list of available languages. Currently, there is a french, english and smurfs language file.

    The plugins have also been simplified. There are only 4 now: one for the Video, one for Controllers, one for Sound and one for CD.
    A configuration wizard has also been added to help people configure the emulator. It asks to choose and configure the plugins and also the path to the bios...
    New feature also: you will be able to dump textures from a game but you'll be able to also replace them with reworked or higher quality ones. Plugin development will also be easier than the previous versions, hoping that more people will try and make some...

    While we wait for the next version, there will be a public test release. If you think you can help Satourne than give us a sign.

    » Satourne's <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">homepage</A> (WIP shots + more)
» Thanks to Chrono Archangel and Talbain for posting this stuff in the submission forum :)

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A little thing on the HyperDS issue.

Darkfader is one of the guys that has helped the most in Ds emulation and data de-encryption.
The HyperDS team are apparently asses, and i can acertain that their emulator does not run any commercial games, and neither do the demos work.

Just my two cents.

Edit: It seems that the latest HDS version does run some commercial games and some demos.
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