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The world's first no swap modchip for the Playstation 2 !
The wait for the first no-swap modchip for the Playstation 2 is finally over. Neo Technologies succeeded where all others failed in bringing you NEO4.

Product Details:
The NEO4 PlayStation 2 Module enables direct booting of all PS and PS2 backups with the only exception being PS2 DVD-R copies which require a single swap with an original DVD based game. The NEO4 PlayStation 2 Module also permits a number of DVD playback features including multi-region DVD playback and Macrovision disabled. A full list of features can be found below:
Game Features:
Play PSX Original Imports - No disc swapping necessary
Play PSX Silvers* - No disc swapping necessary
Play PSX CDR Backups - No disc swapping necessary
Play PS2 CD Silvers* - No disc swapping necessary
Play PS2 CDR Backups - No disc swapping necessary
Play PS2 DVD-R Backups - Using single swap with an original DVD based game
Play PS2 DVD Silvers* - Using single swap with an original DVD based game
Boots ALL PSX titles with anti-mod protection

DVD Movie Features
MACROVISION disabled (record DVD from PS2 to VCR)
MULTI REGION DVD Playback - Click here to see what this feature can do for you !
RGB DVD Green Screen Fixed by intelligent code injection
Now includes support for the new v2.10E and v2.10U DVD Drivers

USA models SCPH 30001 v1 v2 v3,v4 inc 35001
European models SCPH 30004 v3, v4 & 35004
UK models SCPH 30003 v3, v4 inc 35003
Australian models SCPH 30002 v3, v4 inc 35002
Japanese models SCPH 10000, 15000TI, 18000, 30000 & 35000**

Installation Details:
This mod is designed to be installed by experienced technicians. Diagrams will be posted shortly to give you an idea of the difficulty. We do not recommend installing this mod yourself if you are a novice at soldering. We will help you as much as possible but please bear in mind there is always a risk when installing ANY modchip to your console. Various tools will be recommend to you in the coming weeks including fiber glass abrasion pens, flux and solder braid. We will of course be offering for sale at trade prices all tools necessary to make the job as painless as possible.
If you would like to see a list of qualified technicians to install your NEO 4 please visit

Worldwide Shipping:
Neo Technologies has painstakingly compiled a list of Official NEO Resellers to make sure that wherever you are in the world there is a local sales and support contact. The hidden benefits of this of course are fast shipping times, no import taxes or duties, cheaper shipping costs & local support and service. Here at NEO we will only be selling the PAL version of NEO4 to UK customers. We have provided the details on this page giving links to all the Official Resellers you should by NEO4 from if you are in another country. Always buy from Official sources - trust us the service and support is SO much better in the long run.

Previous Customers:
Neo Technologies has an excellent history of supporting its loyal customers. We will of course provide NEO4 to those of you who have purchased NEO2 (pre sale price) and NEO KEY mods direct from us at a much discounted price of only £35. You must provide your original invoice number with the order. This offer applies to one per customer (or to the total amount of mods you have originally purchased from us). This offer is not available as yet but details will be posted shortly.

Pre Order Shipping Details:
We have given you the chance to make your order now so your mod will be shipped on the very same day that it is officially released (in the next few days). We will make an announcement on our news page to let you know.

Which Model Do I Have ?
PAL Consoles:
30002/3/4 v3 = 10 Screws on base of the PS2
30002/3/4 v4 = 8 Screws on base of the PS2 + Electrical Hazard Warning

USA Consoles:

30001 v1 = Serial number begins with u1
30001 v2 = Serial number begins with u0
30001 v3 = Serial number begins with u2
30001 v4 = 8 Screws on base of the PS2 + Electrical Hazard Warning

Please note we ask you for your model in order for us to know which diagrams to send NOT which NEO4 to send you - as NEO4 PAL works with ALL PAL models and NEO4 US works with ALL US models.

* Silvers are pressed Games/DVDs originating from the Far East
** Release of the JAP version is not expected until late November, 2001
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