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OK So I've been using epsxe for a week now and I just got to
the end of Driver 2 disk 1.

So what do I need to do to get 2nd CD to run? I tried 'change
disk' and I tried loading up the first CD and swapping just b4
loading the last save, but I just get a 'wrong disk in drive' sorta
error or epsxe just crashes with d3d something error.

Is this something to with savestates? I tried to find out what
they are in faqs etc but find nothing to tell me what savestates
are/do or how to use them.

Sorry for being a total newbie at this stuff :eyes:

Also if anyone has managed to get Hogs of War (PAL version)
working can u give me a clue. I tried ppfing the iso and applying
ppf in Petes CD (I think it was that 1) with no luck. Not even
the original CD will play past the 2nd level, it justs jumps back into

TIA for any help on these

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Judging by the stupid avatar and misleading information, this is probably wuwata again. Saved states won't help you in the case of switching disks here. I don't know driver 2, but it sounds like you saved your game right at the end of disc 1 and it asks you to switch cds? Then it crashes when you click change disc->cdrom? Well you can probably try booting the 2nd disc, and then load your saved game and it should work fine, but I'm only basing this off of the way saves work in ff games when it comes time to switch cds. You can boot the 2nd cd ok, right?

Now as to how saved states work, you have 5 slots allocated to them. You press f2 to navigate through the slots. Once you find a slot you like you press f1 and it will save your game there in a saved state file, which is different from saving to your memory card. Then when you decide that you don't like what is happening and want to reload the game from where you saved it, use f2 to navigate to the slot where you saved it, then f3 to load it. It is just a nice handy way of saving wherever you want without being locked into the memory card save point way of saving like on a real psx. I hope this clarified things for you.

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lol *cough* who is wuwata?(im serious) did u save before u tryed to change disks? If so it may be the same as the legend of dragoon just save 1st then restart(reload epsxe again)then try the naxt disc but i'm just suggest'n this if u saved before changing discs i hope this help even a little

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Yep I saved the game at end of disk 1, pressed continue
and loaded up disk 2 when it said, and the change CD menu
just didn't do anything really.

The 2nd disk doesn't boot though, I think it just has mission data
on it. But I did manage to do a savestate right at the point
where (2nd time around) it asked to continue. Problem is
epsxe crashes when I try to load the state. Something to do
with d3dmm.dll (I also been having gpu problems anyway).

But I did manage to get it to run once and save a game so
I'll probably work it all out eventually.

Thanks for the info on savestates. sounds really handy


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Problem solved!

Well I had some graphic problems with Driver2 in that the main
menus didn't get drawn to the screen properly - like very bad
flickering and not updating properly when you move selection.

So when I try to boot up 2nd CD it says wrong CD etc please
insert disk 1 or the like, but before it does that if I load a
savestate it works OK and all is fine, except I couldnt see it
cause the screen wasnt updating *until* I move my pad stick
to see if there was anything happening and it then drew the
screen as normal (doh.)

So most of the time it was working OK except for that and
yeah I still get some errors message and have to restart
sometimes. I wonder if its maybe because the D3D plugin
was meant for DX7 and not 8? I dunno but it seems to do
it more when I've been changing my config to try out ideas
and isnt too bad when left alone.

BTW I read somewhere (PSXFanatics?) that Driver 2 was
unplayable. I found some ways to get around most of the
glitches and I'll post my config/setup soon for it.
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