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Newbie Question

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Sorry for such a newbie question but a question is a question. Well here it goes: I've downloaded all the necessary components to run the the ePSX. I've unzipped all of the components and done everything but whenever I try to run the video config, there would be no options for me to choose. I already put in the gpete155 file but nothing happened.Somebody help! whats wrong or what am I missing?


I have an nVIDIA/TNT2 32mb video card.
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are you sure you unzipped the plugins in the plugins folder?
Did you make sure to unzip the plugin files to the plugin folder?
If you did, I would try downloading a different video plugin or the same one from a different source.
Tried tested and true.

Yep. Used the winzip wizard and unzipped it all.
Well, you did unzip it using Winzip, but did you unzip it into a folder called "plugins"? Say you have epsxe in c:\epsxe, then the GPU, SPU, and cdrom plugins all go to c:\epsxe\plugins.... that's what you did right?

If you downloaded *one* zip file that included ALL the plugins and the executable, make sure you unzip it with the "Use folder names" option, otherwise it won't work.
that's weird. well, try using the wizard then.

unzipped,downloaded,put in the right folder...looks like I did all the things but something seems to be missing. hmmm..
Hmm... interesting.... I'd like to check this further.... Can you do the following things:
1. Post a screenshot of the directory structure of your ePSXe folder?
2. Post a screenshot of the configuration window (where you can't see anything)
3. (this shouldn't matter, but it might come up later) you do have the BIOS right?
You have to download some VB6 runtime dlls into your c:\windows directory.. Just do a windows update and you should get the appropriate files..

Hmm the problem seemed to be the misplacement of the folder.
I deleted it and unzipped it into the plugins folder like Kairi00 told me to do. It worked. hehehe:) Thanks!
I would of posted the screenshot but now it works fine...until another question pops up.
Well thanks for all those people who helped me solve this question!
Interesting. I never knew ePSXe needed runtime dlls....
Originally posted by Shiori
Interesting. I never knew ePSXe needed runtime dlls....
I remember pete saying something about it.. His gpu pluggins wont show up in the video config without them.. I don't know if epsxe also requires them, but petes pluggins do..
Nope. ePSXe by itself doesn't need the runtime libraries.
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