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Newbie question: Dragonball Z UB 22/27 : Runs too fast AND too slow at the same time

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Hi, I'm new to PSX emulation and this game I got from a friend, DBZ UB22. I just want to know how slow is the game supposed to run, with regards to the characters? Because on some FPS limit settings, the characters move slow but the music runs fine, and on others the characters move "ok" but the music because messed up (accelerated to an unbearably fast speed)
I put an FPS limit on 60 and the characters move EXTREMELY slow, but the music plays fine. Once I go above 125 FPS, music is all ****ed up (EXTREMELY fast), animations are extremely fast (abnormally), but the characters still move somewhat slow to what I'm used to. Are they supposed to have snail like motions, or do I still need to set something?
Thanks in advance
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Watch the FPS counter during the game and you'll see which speed it is running. If it's around 60, then the speed is correct(if your game is NTSC). Which plugins are you using? Put your specs and settings so we can help you more.
Actually the problem is that the game itself would naturally would be slow. The actual speed for NTSC games is 60fps and of Pal is 50fps. One solution to your problem is to set a manual frame specification. Use 80 or 90 fps.

just make sure that fps limit is check, and also put frame skipping on, plus might want to force pal for that game or something
Thanks for the help.

This game is NTSC.

Without an FPS limit, the game goes at like 300 FPS and that's WAY too fast with any thing in the game -- speed too fast, and the music + animations are too fast. With an FPS limit and auto detect, the game is maxed at 60FPS. All the animations and music are 100% fine, but it's UNPLAYABLY slow when you fight. I can't emphasize that enough, because the guy takes about 5 seconds after you push a button before he does anything, and he takes a long time before he executes corresponding to what I pushed. I don't think any game designer with a right mind would release something THAT slow, so I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a lot faster, but once I set it higher the music and animation become too fast while the game becomes right.

I use Pete's openGL plugin for the video (I have an ATI Radeon 64mb video card. This plugin is recommended for that..)

I tried several FPS limitations, and the best one is the max for me: 200 FPS. The game runs at the right speed. No doubt the music and animation become so fast they it's better just turning them all off...
Is there a way where you can alter the FPS limit while you're in the game?
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