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newbie needs help

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i recently dl'ed pj64 and i would like to ask what plugins should i use and is there anything i need to know about this amu before i begin
my system specs are 1.1Ghz AMD, Voodoo5500, 128sdram and sb128pci
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Read all the documentation that comes with PJ64 first.. Mostly everything is explained fairly well in the docs..
how do u get pictures under your name and stars?
after a certain amount of posts.. Or beg, lie, or bribe one of the admins.. I did it the first way..

You got one star so you are on your way..
i meant your picture of the cross.....
but speaking of the stars...
why do people with fewer posts have more stars than some people with lots of posts?
they must be the people that r willing to go as far sleeping with the admins cuz u know every little boy dreams that one day hes gona have lots of stars in some forum
Well... After a certain amound of posts, you will get an option for an avatar in your user cp.. Edit your profile and edit options.. You can choose an avatar there or make your own and put it up as a picture under your nick.. You can also change your description after a certain amount of posts as well.. I have heard some people got those things changed by doing the second suggestion from my previous post..
o... ok thanx
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