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Newbie Help (saving)

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Started up SSSPSX and got to playing. Got a bit into the game I was playing (Chrono Cross) and...being the newbie to PSX EMUs that I am, how do I save? The game told me that there was no memory card in either of the slots. Do I have to emulate the memory cards some how? Or is there a config setting I need to check? Any help?
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You can either use savestates (press F1 to save, F3 to load, F2 to switch between savestate slots) or insert a memory card in emu's menu (when you start it there are tabs called Memory Card 1 and Memory Card 2. Choose a memcard image there and then you can save during the game at savepoints).
When you say a mem card image, is that a plug-in or download that I need to get or how is the memory card image created? By the way, thanks a million for the F1/2/3 info. ^_^
That should be automatically created whenever you attempt a save.
actually, with SSSPSX you have to create a memory card. go to Memory card --> new and you can make one.

Thank you all for the replies. Now I can actually play. heh~
I felt like such a fool for having to ask, but all's good now thanks to ya'll.

Thanks again~
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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