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newbie ahoy!

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Hi, I'm a newbie. I have some questions about patches.
First, where can I find some guide to make patches, but not only to pass videos?
If I understood well, pcsx2 is improving constantly, so, does this means that in a future patches would be unnecessary?
And the last question. I have ps2 demos from ps2 magazines. Why can't I run some game, even using patches to skip videos. The only I can do is to run the Cd and see the menu where you choose the game you want to play, but when I choose one, the screen goes black, don't matter the game it is. I cannot reach even the game menus.
In that cd there are also video demos, I thought PCSX2 could run some videos, but its impossible to see something again.
I was wondering if it affects the fact of being many ps2 exes in the CD, that is, if the program has to redirect to another exe (surely this is a sillyness, but remember, I'm a newbie :emb: ).
Well, I hope not to seem idiot and you could answer my questions.
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Yes you are right. The demos doesn't work cos there are a lot of games into a one CD, and the emu doesn't redirect correcty to other EXE's (they are called .elf). So to run these demos, use the Open .elf option in the emu. And select the SCES XXX.XX file in the CD you want to run.
The patches are for a lot of things not only for pass a video. They can be to skip sound, voice, "Syncing...." command, videos, a menu, etc. But remember that a patch never makes the emu to work better, only skips the part that emu can't hadnle correcty.
And yes, in future versions patches wont be necesary :D (I hope)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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