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newbie ahoy!

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Hi, I'm a newbie. I have some questions about patches.
First, where can I find some guide to make patches, but not only to pass videos?
If I understood well, pcsx2 is improving constantly, so, does this means that in a future patches would be unnecessary?
And the last question. I have ps2 demos from ps2 magazines. Why can't I run some game, even using patches to skip videos. The only I can do is to run the Cd and see the menu where you choose the game you want to play, but when I choose one, the screen goes black, don't matter the game it is. I cannot reach even the game menus.
In that cd there are also video demos, I thought PCSX2 could run some videos, but its impossible to see something again.
I was wondering if it affects the fact of being many ps2 exes in the CD, that is, if the program has to redirect to another exe (surely this is a sillyness, but remember, I'm a newbie :emb: ).
Well, I hope not to seem idiot and you could answer my questions.
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if you want to learn how to make patches, try Nachbrenners patching guides
you will find them HERE

welcome to the forums
eloyc said:
Thankyou to all for the information!

Yes, that's the magazine. What do you mean with "try patching that"? Do you mean to skip them? I told I actually can use the menu (demos, videos and credits sections, you know, what I cannot do is to play the demos I have chosen from the menu, and neither the videos).
Thankyou again!
yes a lot of demos on them dvd's dont work, i have about 20 of them, and about 2% of the games will run :p
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