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Newbie advice

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Hi Guys,

My current PC seriously needs updating, its not bad with older games but obviously its struggling with the new stuff.
The spec is
XP1800, 512mb PC2700 DDR,Siluro FX5200DT (128mb),A350ATX PSU

Would something like a 3000+ 64bit,Asus deluxe motherboard, Radeon 9800Pro be ok to run the latest stuff

Any advice much appreciated :)
BTW nice site

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Mr. Killjoy said:
If you already know what to buy... the only advice I can give is that you'd better gather lots of cash ;)

Oh, in fact I have another one: If you plan to buy a 9800 pro, stay AWAY from the 128 bit version, even if it has 256mb of VRAM. The 128 bit bus is a big choke point...
Cheers mate :thumb:
To be honest I'm not 100% what to get but the above was an idea, if it would be suitable then thats great, the price isn't too bad oO
So would I notice a big improvement regarding the performance?
Oh I'll I'll make sure 9800pro is the 256bit one
Ok, so lets say I go for a better video card to start with, would the 9800pro be good enough or should I think about something even better? My FX5200 isn't exactly good is it :D
Sorry to sound a complete plank but I'd rather ask you guys before jumping in and buying something thats not much better than what I've already got
Well I have X-box,PS2 and GC but all my mates have PC's and we enjoy a bit of deathmatch ;)
My PC even struggles running SOF2 so it definately needs updating
I was just browsing at the various game piccies you guys posted, If I could get something similar to some of those I'd be more than chuffed
Mr. Killjoy said:
Kaneda... I doubt multiplayer FPS are as fun on consoles than they're on PCs. Only Goldeneye and Perfect Dark were really good
I agree, I've tried X-box live for a while but to be honest its not as much fun as PC, don't know why though.
Halo2 is ok but I'm missing games like Doom3,HL2 etc
Mr. Killjoy said:
"don't know why though."

Mouse+keyboard > Gamepad
Also, you can't map custom maps or mod for console games :p
True! Its also more fun playing against your mates;) they are not bothered about consoles
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