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Newb with Epsxe

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Hey all i'm new, from Holland =]

I like to get my Epsxe 1.7 up and running, i only need the drivers/plug-ins but i cant find them anywhere?oO

I'm trying to get the best and new plug-ins currently out, but i am just having a difficult time not finding them. I downloaded over 20 plug-ins but the epsxe keeps crashing

Anyone got some time to make a .zip with all the needed drivers for me?:innocent:

Thanks thanks thanks :thumb::thumb:
You can e-mail or add me on MSN: [email protected]
(took me a long time to write this)
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Hello there is a download option on this site, here is a quick link (you can fin all the plugins there): - Downloads - Playstation

If you need help configuring you can check out this:

And if you stumble in to anymore problems be sure to read the documentation here:

If it doesn't contain your problem then use search function & if that doesn't help then post, have a nice day.
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