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Newb question regarding Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.9 and shading

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So, I recently downloaded epsxe and I was setting up all the stuff, when I found out that there the emulator with the right plug-ins can make Final Fantasy VII look prettier. So I tried looking for the cartoon shading plug-in, and found out that I needed Pete's OpenGL2 Driver for it. I downloaded it and tried to set it up, then i get a "Missing render-texture extension" and "No pixel format available". And I read up that, those message shows up if I have a crappy graphics card or whatever. But I don't get it, my laptop can run World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 4, Left 4 Dead just fine. My graphics card is intergrated (Mobile Intel (R) 965 Express Chipset Family).

I don't understand how it can run pc games just fine but won't let me get this stupid shading thing for a psx emulator, it's not like it makes it PS3 status... c'mon!

Can someone help me or is it hopeless?
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My graphics card is intergrated (Mobile Intel (R) 965 Express Chipset Family).
That's the problem, more specifically.

World of Warcraft is pretty old and basic in terms of visual needs, and the other two aren't super demanding either. They may run on your IGP, but I doubt they're doing so at good speed while being at higher settings/resolutions. I, personally, don't consider that "running PC games just fine", but rather, just barely running some mid-range demanding games at basic levels.

Secondly, you're mistaken to compare PC gaming to emulated gaming anyway. The latter will always have far greater needs, even if the emulated system is "far weaker" than the PC itself.

Lastly, the cartoon shader is fun to mess about with, but I wouldn't recommend it for actually making the game look really good, because, well, it doesn't do that (in my own opinion). You're better off just naturally enhancing it, although you aren't going to be able to do even that. You're going to have to stick with software rendering (I'd use pSX, not ePSXe in that case) or, if you'd rather, the Direct3D plug-in.
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