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Newb needing help

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Hey, im new to this site and i was wondering if some one would be able to tell me how to get the bios off my playstation 2 and any other information that i will need to know ?
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welcome to the forums, make sure you study the rules, they are quite strict here, but also please use the search function to look for your answer before posting, the method of dumping your ps2 bios has been explained many times.

just search this forum for "dump bios"
Noobs, noobs, noobs always asking the same old question already answed thousand of times!!! :hdbash:
Look, you have to consider that many could be on a forum for the first time, and they aren't aware of the search function. And besides, if it was such an asked question, wouldn't it make sense to be a sticky thread or something? That's one way to reduce stickys of the repeated questions.

....just a thought. :)

r2rX :D
agreed, there should be a whole section devoted to ps2 tutorials
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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