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New X3dfx Community Voodoo 3/4/5 Drivers fow Win2k!

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I'm the one that writes the win2k X3dfx Community Drivers. I just wanted to inform you that new drivers were released yesterday.

New Features Include:
1. Seperated infs
2. Ability to overclock your graphics cpu and memory in 3dfx tools. GLOBAL
3. Zculling OGL/GLIDE
4. SLI global
5. A couple refresh optimizations Global
6. Enviroment Anti Aliasing d3d/ogl
7. FORCE MMX -This forces games to use mmx instructions improving speed. (Can cause some graphic glitches with some games.) OGL/GLIDE
8. Voodoo Rush Emulation OGL/GLIDE
9. The ability to force a refresh rate in glide
10. Water Mark Splash Screen GLIDE
11. Guardband Glipping d3d
12. 3d Studio Plugin d3d
13. Frame Buffer Swaping d3d
14. Iteration Banding d3d
15. L-Delay d3d
16. Pixel Blending d3d
17. STacceleration d3d
18. Trilinear Texture Filtering d3d
19. Triple Buffering d3d
20. Guardband clipping Glide
21. Bump Map Size OGL/GLIDE
22. Enviroment Bump Mapping OGL/GLIDE
23. Invisible Walls OGL/GLIDE
24. Pixel Clock Rendering OGL/GLIDE
25. Zcull Far OGL/GLIDE
26. Zcull Near OGL GLIDE

and that was just for the voodoo 3!

The Voodoo 5 driver contains all that plus
27. FSAA (FIXED) d3d/ogl/glide
28. FSAA JITTER d3d/ogl/glide
29. AADEMOKEY d3d/ogl/glide

Get them at

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Got to try this...Will it show wireframe view for OpenGL Games ??
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