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New Worthy Stability Testers

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For all you oc'ers or ppl that wanna see how stable ur comps are, i just wanted to introduce S&MR and OCCT. Ive been testing them and ive found that they find errors sometimes faster than prime95 and memtest86 (+).

I recommend using S&MR as a kind of "primer" before u do your 24/12 hr prime95 test since it takes only 4-5 hrs to complete the long quality test, just so you dont [email protected] out on your 10th hr of prime testing. Oh, i think i shud add that S&MR heats up your processor more than any other program out there so you should be careful about your cooling b4 using it >.<.

occt, i think is pretty much the same as prime95 and i think u can use either one. but, as always, for memory testing, nothing really beats looping memtest86(+) on test 5, 6 and 8 since it tests all your memory instead of just your free memory.

so, here they are.

1.) OCCT (page is french, but i think if ur overclocking or concerned about stability, u shud know that clicking ftp or http will get u wut u want...) :

2.) S&M.
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Thx man.
My PC rebooted a few times some days ago.
Gonna give it a try....
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