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Just wanted to point out a new script I made that stops the time in windows:

Despite file size, this is NOT a virus or spyware, I made it myself!!!!!!
This is a script that runs through the command line... Instructions is many languages are included!

What purpose does this script serve?

Well some people have specific reason for needing this but I have some common reasons for using this:

Trial Version Software :p -- By stopping your clock for lets say Kaspersky Antivirus (personal favorite) you can now use it without the 30 day limitation, every time you log into windows, simply just run the script and the clock will stop. At this point any trial versions will now be trial versions which it's expiration will not be reached :p .....

DRM (Digital Rights Management) -- For those who had download music off of Ruckus, or media from an online library, which has media that expires, this method with stop them from expiring as long as you faithfull run this....

Viruses & Malware -- Some viruses and malware work on the clock, mainly the ones which operate via the internet causing Internet Explorer to open up every five minutes. This is a temp solution until you can either track down it or buy anti*****ware...

and whatever other legit or recreational uses you find for it!

Have fun and read the directions for use and troubleshooting
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