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Originally posted by Captain N.
I currently have an athlon 700 with a TNT2 Ultra. If I upgrade to a GeForce 2MX will that make a difference in the Gfx card buffer option in Pete's OpenGL plugin? Is is a vid card thing or a software thing?

Currently epsxe is pretty close to allowing me to throw away my old PS-One (an old dream that is almost true, thanx epsxe team), but it slows down too much with that mode on.

Thanks for any reply.
I don't think it will. I assume the Gfx card buffer speed is dependent on the speed of the memory. The GeForce 2 MX uses SDR memory at 175 Mhz (or somewhere around there), which is about the same speed as the TNT2 Ultra. The rendering speed should be much improved but the memory speed shouldn't.
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