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A PC-Engine emulator for Windows, well actually the homepage just has the source so I guess there’s a chance of compiling it for whatever really, there’s a lack of news for it included and the homepage lacks much information so let’s look at what state its in:

Emulation Status
# CPU near to completion.

* Missing things: RDY line mechanism not implemented.
* NMI not implemented(not physically used on the PC Engine).
* The precise timings of the lines IRQ1 and IRQ2 are unknown.
* The behavior during the first two cycles of the START/RESTART sequence is unknown.
* The precise timing of the change of speed at the RESTART is unknown.
* The precise timing of the initialization of registers/bits at the RESTART is unknown.
* If the SEL line(IO Port) is set at the RESET is unknown.
* RESTART not supported.

Excluding the preceding things, the emulated CPU is INDISTINGUISHABLE from a real CPU.
This is the result of two years of work and hundreds of tests.
* PSG not implemented.
* VDC heavy incomplete.
* VCE preliminary.
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