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A couple of graphics plugin’s for Playstation emulators now, those of you that have been using such things for a while will no doubt be familiar with Pete’s plugin’s if you aren’t. I’ll just say that they are very good and get on with the news:

# added V-Sync option;
# small fixes and changes;
# plugin is now open source.
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Is it just me, or do his OGL and OGL2 plugins don't like the ePSXe SPU core 1.7.0 plugin? I always seem to get really low frames when using then in together. D3D works smoothly though. It's a shame because I believe OGL2 seems more mature than the D3D plugin.

And yeah, Eternal SPU works great with OGL/OGL2 but I get no audio tracks :(

Just wanted to know if anyone experiences this or it's just my setup/machine.
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