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Hi, I have update the project x360ce with some useful modifications.

Here the changelog:

FORCE FEEDBACK: Add all 3 unofficial FFB modes 0: Optimized (ffb-revision), 1 Standard (Previous original FFB), 2 Alternative (Xntrc).
FORCE FEEDBACK: Add Spring Autocenter to control the axis force.
FORCE FEEDBACK: Performance improved. Now there is no framerate drop expecially in Optimized method (default).
FORCE FEEDBACK: Add Balance Effects control useful in some games (like Serious Sam) where there are some effects too low and this option can equilirate it.
NEW FEATURES: Add HALF mapping mode in POV useful when assign POV HAT on a analog axis.
FIX: Now the GUI terminate correctly the process when exit.
FIX: Instance GUI now update automatically. No need to reconfigure all when you change PC or re-format.
FIX: The log file now write if the option LOG=1 is present on x360ce.ini file.
TODO: Add support for Far Cry 4 and Primal.

The most important change is the force feeback that now don't drop the frame rate and it is more flexible.

I have tested a large number of games all work without problems (FFB included) with exception of Far Cry 4 and Primal that not work.

There is a workaround that allow x360ce to work with Far Cry 4 and Primal, just plug an additional real xbox 360 controller and your direct input controller will work with x360ce.

I suspect is a HOOK issue that need more experience that I don't have.

I invite the developers to help me to add the support for Far Cry 4 and Primal.

Here the new updated version (source code and binary):
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