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Sorry to dash any hopes out there, but it looks like Transformers star Megan Fox won't be starring in the new Lara Croft movie after all. Look at the bright side. They may choose someone with a more robust... acting experience. I hope they choose someone good though. Those are some pretty big.... shoes... to fill.

Following the rumors that Fox will portray Lara, her spokesperson denied any involvement, saying "She's not involved in the movie at all." Awww.

More on the movie though, it seems that it will be giving Lara a fresh start, discarding the storylines in the Angelina Jolie films. Lara will be given a new origin, new adventures, and even new love interests. You can also scratch out Jolie to reprise her role. They're getting a new actress as well - which they won't do until they find a writer and a director.

So who can fill the bra - erhm - role of Lara Croft? Any votes? Mine's with Rhona Mitra, the original live-action model for Lara. She also plays Sonja in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

MTV Movies Blog » Lara Croft Due For ‘Tomb Raider’ Movie Makeover
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