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Okay, so i downloaded all the necessary plugins and even did a bit of seraching in order to find out what some of the popular plugins were out there. But i need a bit of help, i have Bushido Blade and a few other games and cant seem to get them runnning at a decent speed. BB is extremely choppy and i need some assistance to get it running properly

System Specs:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000 2.62GHz
4 GB Ram
ATI Radeon 4850

What should i do to get everything running okay :(

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You should get great speed with those specs.

Which emulator are you using.

I recommend you download epsxe with this plugins.
Pete's OpenGL2
peops cd plugin or any other
eternal sound plugin or another.

Configure your video plugin using the nice default setting to test.
Then go up from there activating other stuff.

Read the guides and stickies on this forum and you'll be fine.
Btw welcome to the forums!

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