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I've been interested in emulation since the early days of MAME and SNES emulators. I work as an embedded system developer and don't usually have much time to dedicate towards other interests. Due to the fact that the library of games for the PS2 is so extensive and that PC hardware has progressed to the point where perfect emulation on current highend hardware is theoretically possible (although maybe not practical) I began to investigate the progress of various emulation projects. I see (as you all know) that pcsx2 is quite far ahead of any others. I'm also very pleased this project is open source.

In the last few days I've played with .81, built/ran the CVS tree, made patches to skip movies for several games and looked through the source code to get a feel for how everything works. I am very encouraged by what I see. After doing some research into the EE and supporting hardware I'm even more encouraged! With all the componets MIPS core, VU0,VU1, DMAC, IPU, IOP, GS, etc the hardware is much more complex (and better engineered) than I had thought. The fact that these componets are all being emulated in tandem and actually showing some results is amazing. I am also very encouraged by the recompiler mode. It looks like SSE2 is being used to compensate for the lack of VUs.


Instead of annoying you with questions regarding your progress, I've looked at the code, change logs and forum posts. It seems speed is major concern which i'll admit is important. To me it seems the biggest issue is compatibilty (I'm aware many people pester you about this, thats not my intent).

After trying several games and create several patches my focus goes towards mpeg play back. Basic reasoning here is:

Most games have issues before hitting the main menu. This is bad because many games are stopped before they start. But it is also good because find problems early in execution is much easier and less time consuming. If this can be fixed it'll save quite a few posts of people complaining about it and maybe give you more time to work on other issues.

I'm quite long winded today, sorry to waste your time.....

I'm going to look at (if im lucky maybe ill make progress, but no promisses) mpeg playback and see what I can do to make it emulate properly. Any resources anyone could point me to specifically regarding the IPU and mpeg playback would be appriciated (although the more information the better so dont hold back unless you want to).

Other than that, keep up the great work and time/luck permitting maybe I'll have some results to share.

BTW is there a public developers forum?


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Hey Welcome to the forums.

Great first post.

Although I'm not one of the member of the team, Well the main focus for the pcsx2 team is compatability, although as you said other users always pester them to focus on speed.
That's why it's stated in the rules, to don't complain if the game is slow.

The devs are keeping in mind what you said about IPU 'cause it's a major cause with incompatability.
And they are currently working on it.

We in the forums have a section for Web development and programming
it's here.

Againg welcome to the forums, hope you like it here.

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Nice post, eisenfaust. :thumb:

I know it seems I just rag on others but hey they deserved it. Kudos where it's due.


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I dont think there is a public forum but try to get in touch with Refraction and Saqib (he is handling the ipu department). You can drop in #pcsx2 irc channel. A lot of discussion goes around there and good chance to find developers lurking there.

And as Chaoscode said

If you fixed IPU Id love you forever.

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If you did fix IPU id love you forever too ;p

yes please drop in on us on IRC at some point, we will see if we can sort something out between you and saqib as he is the main IPU guy at the moment, we will see if we can sort you out with something to get you going :)

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hmm...well the only other thing I guess I can add is this:
Has anyone thought about using the pc's codecs for movie playback? (not sure if this is really possible or not based on pcsx2's setup) basically what I mean is, why emulate hardware to play back movie files which the platform pcsx2 is running off of can do that without the emulation overhead. Theoretically, couldnt one just pause emulation, play the movie as if it were just a normal mpeg and then "fast forward" emulation past the movie and resume?
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