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I have just got ePSXe 1.7.0
I'm using the bios file SCPH7001 (although I have many others)
and Pete's Plugins for the GPU, my sound is fine. I ran through the config wizard and all apears god, i reached the 7/7 step and if i boot up ePSXe and run BIOS i get the playstation load up sequence, so i assume everything so far is working?

The game im trying to run is FFIX, no suprise eh? So far I have downladed 10 parts of disc one so now it's complete, its called
Final Fantasy IX [Disc1of4][SLUS-01251]

If i open this folder, inside is a icon called
Final Fantasy 9 cd1
MagicISO Document
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So here is my problem, When i open ePSXe i do the following-

File > Run ISO > choose Final Fantasy 9 cd1


I get a black screen wtth controller 1 icon in the top right, shortly after the intro to FF9 starts or so i suspect, all i see is a black screen then the words of the intro come up reading

Published by Square Electronic Arts L.L.C

the screen goes black as the writing fades then... well nothing else hapens after this!

Please can anybody help me work this out?

As a final note im sorry if a question similar to this has already been asked, I have read some FAQ's but i believe nothing really helps with this issue.

Please be aware im a total computer noob so please water down any explination of COA i need, again many, many thanks in advance!

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