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I had toyed w/ an older version of this emu several months ago just before I was forced to reformat my system. I haven't run it since, and just D/L'd it last night because of the new release. I've played w/ the different settings and the only title I'm having any degree of success w/ is Tekken 3. But it looks only OK, and runs fairly slow. So, in no particular order, here are the titles I'm concerned w/:

Gran Turismo 1 & 2
Time Crisis
Vagrant Story
Crono Cross
Final Fantasy VII-IX
Metal Gear Solid
Parappa the Rapper
Front Mission 3
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Wipeout XL

If anyone can give me pointers/tips/suggestions on running one, some, or all of the aforementioned games, please post here. I'd really appreciate your help. I've been into Emu's for along time, but this seems a bit more complicated than most...[i.e. oh, that plug-in didn't work, lemm try another]alot more trial and error to get a game to run...any questions on my system can be answered by clicking the link in my sig. Thanx ahead of time.

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Solution to make your ePSXe VVVVEEERRRYYY SMOOTTHH

Tested on Lewpy 1.33, 4 non voodoo owner, please read first,
maybe you'll find something important.
Here's some solution for your game :

1. Not Smooth as other Emulator (this will give the best sound too):
-Try to change the region code to PAL, BUT the Plugins to
NTSC----(Thanx to someone that i forget his name to tell
this is more accurate, if that 'someone' read this, please
tell me your name. thanx)
-If the game still run too skip
Change the Frame Cap Method to Old and the FPS to 40/45
Ex: Winning Eleven, ISSP Serie A
-If the game run too fast,
Check The FPS limit, read the No 3
-If The game STILL won't smooth :
Try to play with the real PS :<, (i have 1 so i don't bother)

2. MemCard Problem :
-Try to press F4 for access memcard (so the emu
think that you have insert the Memcard)
Ex: Spiderman, Medal Of Honor, Tomb Raider.
-Try to switch the region Code to PAL, And the GPU to NTSC
'the sign : Memcard is to fast read "No Memcard"'
Ex: Ridge Racer Type 4
-If the memcard forget what MemCard is, try this :
copy 2 of your Memcard, and rename it to temp.000, temp.001
This will happen if you delete your temp.00* or delete the
ePSXe and copy the old memcard to the directory.

3. Sound Problem :
-If The sound is repeat and repeat :
Try To Enable the SPU IRQ Always On
-If the sound too choopy: ( Pete Midas )
Try to enable XA Smoothing on the plugins
-If the sound too fast so the MDEC isn't sync: ( Dsound 1.8 )
try to check the GPU plugins,
- Set the FPS to 50 IF the region is PAL ( by the No 1)
- Set the FPS to 60 IF the region is NTSC

4. Visual Problem : (Lewpy)
-If you have GTE lighting / flickering screen:
try to check the Front Buffer Fix, and disable it.
Ex : tomb raider 4
-If the game doesn't display correctly:
1. try to enable the Offscreen drawing to EXTRA
2. try to enable Frame Buffer to WRITES, READ,or both
Ex: Metal Gear Solid
-If The game have a pause beetween screen :
try to change the long DMA chain to Short
Ex: Tekken3

If your games still won't work, feel free to contact me.

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I have a Nvidia Geforce2 based card

here are the settings I'm using for MGS
pete's 1.50 (Frame limit ON, Auto FPS ON, PC FPS Calculation ON)
Prodigy SPU 0.1 (Buffer length 40, block 4)
Internal CDPlugin or ISO

(epsxe crashed on me at the part where snake talks to kenith baker, right before the video where they talk about MUFF. still investigating the problem)

Final Fantasy 8
pete's 1.50 (Frame Limit ON, Auto FPS ON, PC FPS Calculation OFF)
internal 1.40 SPU
Internal CDPlugin or ISO

Final Fantasy 9
Pete's 1.50 (Same as FF8, except G3 option is ON in the gamefixes)
Null's SPU 1.35 (buffer length 40, Block 5)
or Prodigy (not fully tested yet)
Internal CDPlugin or ISO

Xenogears (need a fast system for full raster effects)
Pete's 1.50 (Full Vram Primitives ON,Frambuffer 1-emulated Vram)
Internal 1.40 SPU (I haven't extensively tested other SPU on this but the internal one seems to work best at the moment)
Internal CDPlugin or ISO

It would be nice if someone where to create a detailed page with optimal settings for specific games. I think it would help a large majority of people on this board.
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