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New to Abrex

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I get how to use it, but there is one thing preventing me from playing games with it. How do you configure the controls? I know where to go, and that the keyboard is the controller, just not how to configure it. Because of this, I do not know the controls for any of the games. Help would be greatly appreciated. :???:
Edit: Just realized I misspelled "Arbex". /Facepalm
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Alright. It has been 2 weeks, and no replies. I would very much like it if someone could answer this, and I am sorry for the double post. Does anybody know the answer to my question?
Nobody (including me) uses Xebra/Arbex because there is no proper English translation. I decided to finally give it a shot after reading your posts.

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First, you MUST select a controller (As highlighted in the pic). In order to change the key used, click on the button you want to change and then hold down the key you would rather use to select and confirm it.

While we're at at, I noticed that all of my games ran like **** in this emu. I translated the included PDF document and found that the numbers in the video settings control skip rates. Setting all to '0' basically turns frame skipping completely off.

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Finally, under the 'Run' menu there's 'Run1', 'Run2', and 'Run3'. You execute a run command after you've loaded your CD or your disc image (from the CD drive via File > Open > CD-ROM via STPI or File > Open > CD-ROM Image respectively).

Run1 is interpreter mode. This is the most accurate mode and the most CPU intensive. Generally used for debugging. I can run it fullspeed on my system.

Run2 is single pass dynarec mode. Most people should try to use this mode as it is faster than interpreter mode and almost as accurate (emulation-wise).

Run3 is 2-pass dynarec mode. Even faster than single pass dynarec, but considerably less accurate. May cause bugs.
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Thank you! So, what does the 0:Xpos, etc. configure? I wanted to play Parappa the Rapper on it, because I was recommended that it was the best emulator to play it on.
I think those settings are used for adjusting the analog sticks.
I think those settings are used for adjusting the analog sticks.
...Which most keyboards don't have. Well, thank you for your time! :thumb:
Edit: Here's the controls as far as I know.
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