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Hi, I create this topic in order to make working the emulation of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

First of all, my config :
Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 3,06 Ghz
Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX+ with 191 Nvidia drivers
4 go of Ram 800 mhz
Windows 7 64 bits

Here is a list of Issues the game had :

- A loop in select your party :
After you choose your game (Party 1 2 or 3) the game enter in an endless loop and never stop.
How to fix it ? : Select LLE Sound Plugin in dolphin config, you will have to wait a little minute to pass this loop.

- Graphical clipping in the background :
In the background you can't see anything.
How to fix it ? : In OpenGl config tick "Disable Fog".

Here is my Dolphin Config :

Dual Core enable
Enable cheat (for speed increase)
Optimise Quantizer disable
Frameskip 50 fps

OpenGL config :
Resolution 1280x1080 (due to my screen limitation)
Overlay FPS enable
Disable fog enable
EFB Copy to RAM (Hack) enable

Sound config :
LLE-Sound Plugin

Wiimote : Real Wiimote.

I play with Rev 4579 because newest rev hang every 3 secondes.

Please post every new issue you'll find, or if a new rev fix an issue in order to have a : HOW TO making NSMBWii works.

( Dolphin Rev ? Your Config ? Your Graphic card ? What issue ? How to fix ?)
I'll update this post everytime something new hapend.


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Yes it's a HUGE speedup, but i use FRAMELIMITER 50 fps, and when i have a loop, i change FRAMELIMITER to OFF, and i have nearly 310 fps, and so the loop ended and i put FRAMELIMITER to 50.
This method is pretty quicker to pass loops.

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Heu.... Onechanbara, can please tell us how do you do ?
Because your link doesn't work....

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Yeah, i can't wait to have Rev 4616, i can't compile my self for a while, i have problems on Windows 7.
If someone have the link to that REV 4616 please post it on that topic.

And i will report if the FPS is good ang graphics too.

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dolphin not works on my computer
i know that my computer strong enough

i wanted to emulate with rev 4771 the paper mario (gcn) game
after a little time i could hear the sounds, but the picture was black

my config is:
OS: winvista ultimate 32-bit sp2
CPU: intel pentium dual-core E5200 @ 2.5GHz
RAM: 4GB DDR2 @ 400MHz
GFX: asus nvidia geforce 8600GT 2GB
SC: realtek HD audio

what need to do? can you tell me how to configure dolphin to make it work?
thx - sm64ds
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