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New Saturnin Emulator WIP Update

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An update from Runik on the state of this Sega Saturn emulator for Windows, let’s see what’s been happening with it:

At least ! After months of work, my cache is finally up and working ! I spent the last weeks trying to understand why some pages weren’t properly reloaded. After adding a cell viewer to the debugger, it dawned on me that I wasn’t detecting any color ram change, hence the cache trouble I was experiencing …

Now everything works fine, and I can move on something else. I will come back to it later, as there’s a lot of room for improvement, but currently I need to work on something else for a change :)

* What’s next : understanding why the cdblock gets full while playing some videos, and doesn’t clears itself
* start working on the DSP, as it’s used in quite a lot of games
* adding the rotating backgrounds (yeah, some mode vdp2 :/)
* adding the line / cell scroll (used by some Capcom games)

I also have to understand why some games (like Radiant Silvergun or Metal Slug) run that slow ingame … it’s not a display problem, as when it’s disabled the speed stays the same, but it’s annoying.

Well, that’s all for now :)
Site @ Runik's home
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More update:

Before moving on to something else, I wanted to understand why Dracula X title screen still had some priority problems, as it shouldn't be happening with my new cache. After a bit of debugging, I was able to get to the origin of the problem : the sprite priority calculation wasn't done on the right register.
Now everything is correct, as you can see on the following screenshots (left one is from 0.40 version)

More info:

Site @ Runik's home
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