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New problem with FPSE 0.09

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Ok, I finally got it to work into actually playing the game (YEAH!), and found some consistent problems....

Voices - WAY too fast, skip over words before the previous one was finished, and only gets faster as time goes on. Games tried with this effect -

-Star Trek - Invasion

MDECS - ALSO WAY too fast. Same audio problem, but the video is also super-sonic, even though the FPS never goes beyond 60. Games tried with this effect -

-Star Trek - Invasion
-Chrono Cross
-Parasite Eve 2

Any way to clear this up? I can see that if this were cleared, a BUNCH more games would work great :).

Audio plugins tried -


Video plugins tried -


CD plugins tried -

-Petes (2nd Atapi mode, the 1st locks up)
-Zink88's ISO plugin (Actually works again! YEAH! (Didn't work in ePSXe/AdriPSX))

System :

CPU - T-Bird 900 Mhz
Video - Voodoo3 3k
Audio - SBLive!
RAM - 128 PC100
CD-ROM - Kenwood 72x, Creative PC-DVD Encoure 6x
HD - 20 Gig ATA-100 - 7200 RPM, 10 Gig ATA-33
OS - Win98 SE
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Just remember if you use the GPU's setting to go to 60 for NTSC (US/Canada/Japan) or 50 for PAL (europe). That should put vid and audio in sync
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